Our Primary Areas Of Focus.

  • Survival Skills – Bushcraft, fire starting, water purification, knot tying, navigation, hunting & fishing, and much more. We learn and train for all environments and conditions.
  • Preparedness – Learning how to utilize your resources. Food & water storage, alternative power, communications, DIY projects, bug out vehicles & bags, and more.
  • Combat Tactics – Learning & training about firearms and other weaponry, shooting skills, grayman concepts, CQB, team skills, and much more.
  • Self Defense – Hand to hand combatives, situational awareness, home defense, cyber security, mixed martial arts, etc.
  • Fitness – Workout strategies, nutrition, strength and endurance building, accountability, motivation, etc.
  • Gear – Learning about all the best gear to aid in achieving our missions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you host live training events? How does everything work?

  • Answer: Right now we are primarily an online based educational company with a focus on creating a global community of like minded people. We put out our own unique training and educational content for our members. We also provide a structured system that allows our members to easily find others local to them to organize and train together. We occasionally hold live training events at various locations for specific members. In the future we will be doing more in the form of live training. For now we are primarily an online operation that provides valuable resources for our members to utilize and aid them in their own training goals.

Question: What do you do besides post blogs, and videos to help with training people?

  • Answer: Aside from the high quality informational content that we put out we do several things to keep our members active. Watching videos and reading is not training, it’s just learning. As far as actual training goes we incorporate a monthly challenge calendar that’s designed to test and improve your fitness, and skills. We also do contests, and we will be publishing comprehensive digital training courses that people will be able to take that will not only increase their knowledge, but their skills too. Instead of limiting our training audience to small live events, we wanted to create training methods that people can get involved in no matter what part of the planet they live in.

Question: Can I cancel my membership?

  • Answer: We can’t imagine you’d actually want to after experiencing the real value we provide, but if you do, any of our recurring membership plans always have the option to be canceled. There’s no contracts, you will keep what membership you’ve paid for, and it will fall off at the end of the term. Pretty simple.


Results are never guaranteed unless you fully participate. This community is not for people who don’t intend to do so. For those who choose to participate in the things we do, here’s some general benefits.

  • Increased survivability
  • Better health and fitness levels
  • Support & motivation from a like minded community
  • Increased knowledge and skill sets in the areas we focus on
  • Better abilities to protect yourself and those you love
  • Knowledge & advice from experienced sources
  • And plenty more
Active Members And Growing


Our objective is to enhance your Survival Skills, Fitness & Health, Self Defense, Combat Tactics, and ultimately improve your level of preparedness, so that you’re capable of handling your enemies effectively. Enemies are anything or anyone that tries to stand in the way of your mission. Bad things happen all the time, and it’s only a matter of time before it knocks on your door. Violence doesn’t care if you’re ready, and neither does life.

From terrorists to a home invader, to natural disasters, chronic diseases, or job loss. We are all preparing for different things, and for different reasons. We all have different enemies in our lives. We just want to arm you with the knowledge, tools, and mentality to face them. Whatever your mission, and however many your enemies. We got your back. That’s why we created The Warrior Tribe.

The Warrior Tribe is exactly what it sounds like. A modern Tribe of savages that are not going to accept defeat. We train, we prepare, and we rely not on the likelihood of the enemy coming, but on our own readiness to receive him. The Tribe will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to optimize your life in all aspects. It’s time to wage war, and we want you to wage it with a tribe of warriors who got your back.

We must all train to fight our enemies in life as if we were the third monkey trying to make it onto Noah’s Ark. And my friends, it’s starting to rain. . .


Warrior Tribe (Delta)
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  • Custom Member ID Card
  • 10 Member Recruitment Cards (First Month)
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$20.00 per month
Warrior Tribe (Charlie)
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*Renewals will only receive a new ID card, and Certificate.
$197.00 per year
Warrior for Life (Bravo)
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$997.00 one-time payment
“I’ve always loved the outdoors, and I’ve always loved business. When I left the military I longed for that sense of brotherhood. So I combined my passions to form M.A.S.K. for the purpose of living the lifestyle I wanted to live. I always wanted to do something that would allow me to learn, as much as I can educate others, and M.A.S.K. allows me to do that.”

– Primal (Owner/Operator)

Know a like minded person? Got friends you’d like to have on your team and in our organization? Please share this page to them so they can join too! We are always actively seeking new members, and with your help we can grow much faster. This community has been built by its members, and we want to keep it that way. So utilize the social buttons below to share us to new people!

Thank you!


What Do Our Members Say?

This website is amazing. They have excellent values, and an even stronger community. The amount of knowledge, help, hard work, and dedication put into this group is immense, it has shaped my personality and training, as well as allowed me to be the best that I can while I continue my efforts and improve everyday.

AscensionWarrior Tribe Member

I have been a member of this group for awhile now and I cannot think of a better group of guys to learn with and from. Even for someone like me that is disabled I have been treated with nothing but respect and as an equal. I have learned many ways to modify my training and fitness to my ability level. Ian pushes not only himself, but the members to be better than they were yesterday. He not only teaches,but he listens to others ideas and thoughts and never turns away anyone that has something to share. This group will not only teach you how to live better today, but how to survive tomorrow.

PsychoGhostWarrior Tribe Member

I want to say thank you to primal and the warrior tribe for getting me back on my feet and changing my lifestyle for the better. I was in a bad place physically, just sitting around on the couch a lot. I had absolutely no motivation to do anything. Sometimes because of my PTSD I retreat to my own little world and stay there for long periods. I found the warrior tribe online during one of these periods, found all the videos on YouTube, and saw something in Ian that I wanted to see in myself. Pride , confidence, strength, and knowledge. I wanted to be the person I was before , and the warrior tribe has given me the drive, motivation, and sense that I am doing something for the better again. The communication between members is unlike any other group I've seen. Everyone here has everyone else's back. Not to mention, the purpose of this group is to prepare people for the uncertain future, and I have learned in abundance about Urban survival and Wilderness survival tactics and I'm teaching what I know to those in the group in return. In this day and age you can never have too many friends and contacts , and you can never have too much knowledge , within the Warrior tribe I've found both.. a big thank you to primal and all of the other brothers within the tribe. HOORAH!

NATOWarrior Tribe Member

Since joining the warrior tribe i find that i push myself to do better, to be better in everything i do. Its more than just learning its improving the way you live.

The-AussieWarrior Tribe Member