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Situational Awareness Tactics are one of the biggest, if not THE biggest skill set to have when it comes to taking preventative measures against acts of violence. I think when most people hear the words “Situational Awareness”, or when they’re asked the question “Are you situationally aware?” tend to think they are generally aware of their surroundings and the events going on around them, but in reality they couldn’t be more clueless.

We now live in a time where 7 out of 10 people more than likely don’t know who the vice president is, how many states are in the USA, or what the confederate battle flag actually stands for, and that’s being modest. Don’t believe me? Go to your local Walmart or grocery store and start asking some questions. It might surprise you how some people could have even managed to live as long as they have.

So take a moment. Ask yourself, are you situationally aware? Do you ever do/have any of these things?

  • Do you check into places on Facebook?
  • Do you post your routine? Such as going to work, the gym, or on vacation.
  • Do you have a GPS on your phone?
  • Do you have a stick family decal on your vehicle?

These are just a few big key things that come into play when a criminal starts doing his homework so he knows exactly when to break into your home, steal your things, and rape and kidnap your daughter on his way out. Hell, they might even kill the family dog while they’re at it.

Sounds harsh right? Well….it is, and i’m sorry. Unfortunately that’s just the world we live in. We can hide behind all the rainbows we want but reality will always be reality.

So what can you do?

Well, it starts with Situational Awareness Tactics. The best way to beat a problem is to prevent it from even happening. There’s always tactics for fighting a situation when it happens or after the fact, but the real battles are won when they can be stopped before they ever happen. Situational Awareness Tactics are not complex. It starts with being conscious of your decisions.

I understand the stick families, and the posting of routines and vacation photo’s and good times. I get it, I really do. I’m guilty of it myself. However, you have to be real with the world we live in. It’s NOT and never will be safe to do these things in real time, and you never want to publicly display to the world everything you have or do, when you do it, how many kids or pets you have, or when you’re going to to work, or the gym.

So here’s what you do. I call it Lag Posting. When it comes to social media i’m always talking about the things i’m doing. I’m a business personality, it’s part of my territory. However, if I wasn’t in my position I would never do these things. I would be as ghost as I could be. But if you’re the personality type that likes to be very social and open, it’s still okay to post these things so long as you lag post. A lag post is simply a delayed post. OR you can do it before something happens.

If you’re planning on going to the gym, wait an hour or so after you’re done and already home to post your gym selfie and awesome gains report. We can wait, trust me. Same concept for everything else. If you are on a vacation, post all the awesome videos and pics when you get back home. Make the posts while you’re gone appear as if you never even left. Same goes for when you go to work, out to dinner or the movies, etc.

See, criminals are getting smarter. They will go online to your social profiles and establish your routines and habits simply by watching your activity. They can drive by your home and check your vehicles for stick families to know just who/how many people to watch for. They can even monitor your movement through the active GPS in your smartphone. TURN IT OFF if you don’t absolutely need it.

Humans are naturally creatures of habit. The key to all of this is to understand that, and learn how to live a diversified life that presents little opportunity for someone to establish your routine. Be a shadow, don’t be that person of interest to begin with. Criminals will look for the easy targets. Situational Awareness comes in many forms. These are just a few quick tips to get you going if you’re new to the concepts. Even if you’re not new they are crucial things to know that you might not have.

Situational Awareness Tactics can get a lot more in depth than this post. You want to take these concepts and apply them to everything you do. Be aware when you’re traveling, when you’re shopping, when you’re in a movie theater, or walking around the food court at the mall. Try to think the way a criminal would, and live your life in a constant stride away from the things that make you a target.

If you gained something from this post please share it with your friends and family. It just might save a life. Let’s work together to prevent all these violent acts before they happen. No one wants to come home to find their home has been broken into, or someone in their family was harmed when it could have all been prevented with a little Situational Awareness. Please take this knowledge and educate the people you care about. Even your kids. I know you don’t want them to think of these kinds of things but you have to face reality. Stay safe people.

If you’d like to go REALLY deep into the understanding of true Situational Awareness Tactics please check out Part 2 of my Urban Survival Series.

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