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In a search for quality fire making gear I came to a realization… And that is that good tinder can sometimes become a pain in the ass to find, especially when you need it most. I also strongly believe fire can make or break you in a survival situation. This is why it’s crucial that you create a fire kit that makes fire simple, in any conditions. Or at least as simple as it can be, right?

Recently I came in contact with a dude named Chris Deslo. He runs a company called “4 Directions Bushcraft“. They specialize in fire making supplies. Such as premium Fatwood, Ferro Rods, Wax Rounds, and many other things. They all work, and they work very well.

Survival Pack

Back before I got serious about building a proper fire kit, I never really considered actually carrying tinder supplies on me. I just figured i’d source it from nature, even though I couldn’t tell you how to find Fat Wood at the time. (I know, how novice of me)

However, today I am much more educated and experienced. Carrying Fat Wood, birch bark, and char cloth among other items has become a necessity. Any serious bushcrafter will tell you the same. But let’s think about it from a survival perspective. Because bushcraft and survival are two completely different things, is it necessary to carry things like this in both situations? My answer is yes. While survival may tell you to use the lighter, and bushcraft may tell you to use a bow drill, carrying products like this only increases your chances of a successful fire. It’s not about the ignition source as much as it is the tinder you use.

These products work well because they are so rich in resin, and covered in wax to increase the burn time and sustainment in the harshest weather conditions. So you can use a ferro rod, a lighter, or a magnifying glass. It’s totally up to your preference and how experienced you are with the method.


Redundancy is a common practice in this realm. But in all reality why not just carry 2-3 Bic lighters? Sure, you can do that. Matter of fact, you SHOULD do that. Bic Lighters are incredibly small and light. They take up virtually zero real estate in your pack. But there are times when something such as a ferro rod will work better. Maybe you fell in a river and soaked your lighters. Chances are you honestly won’t need much more than a lighter in reality, but one can never be too prepared. Just so long as it doesn’t hinder the actual efficiency of your survival pack system.

(IE. Having so much unnecessary fire redundancy that it takes away from your water or food storage capacity.)

Check out my Hybrid Combat/Survival Pack set up where I talk even more about 4 Directions Bushcraft.

So you be the judge for yourself. Check out the video above and let us know what you think? Be sure to stop by and tell Chris to give you the MASK Tactical hook up on some fire supplies! He is a solid guy and will help get you squared away and on your way to making the best fire you’ve ever made in your life.

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