In our day to day lives, we all need to be held to a high level of accountability. Most of us are so busy trying to make it to the end of the week that we stray from what will truly make us great. However, we can’t trust ourselves to hold up to a higher standard.

Why is accountability necessary?

As humans, we naturally succumb to our faults and failures, whether we like it or not. For instance, you can put in hours and hours trying to get a promotion, trying to learn a new skill, or trying to kick that bad habit. However, without an accountability system in place, you’re setting yourself up for failure. We all need to be held accountable for our actions. But how can we do this the right way?

Setting yourself up to WIN.

When you set up an accountability system, it needs to be a system of checks and balances. But most importantly, you need to get someone else involved on a profound level. This person (or people) you choose to assist in holding you accountable, needs to know everything you have going on in your life. There should be no secrets between you. If you can each hold each other responsible for your actions (and lack thereof), it makes the system that much more reliable. When this happens, you will see yourself thinking twice, or more, of the actions and steps you take in your day to day life. The changes this will bring are LIFE CHANGING.



When picking an accountability partner, there are some key points you need to follow. For starters, CONSTANT communication is required. In my accountability trials, my partner and I text every single day. We have our days that we will slip, but they are few and far between. The biggest thing is recognizing this and getting back on track as quickly as possible. Also, we get in at least one phone or video call each week. This can be tailored to your lifestyle as needed. Just make sure the communication is there.

What do you discuss?

In short, you discuss everything going on in your lives. No matter how trivial it may seem to you. Your accountability partner could notice a change in your behavior and be able to catch you before you make a mistake. Be open about your struggles, financial stress, and relationship issues. You will find that having someone there to talk to about all of this is hugely relieving at times. Don’t get me wrong; at first; it is a struggle. However, you will find that over time; it will become second nature to share this information with your partner.


What YOU can do

Accountability isn’t only accomplished with a team. You have to start the ball rolling yourself. The most significant step is making three lists. The first list, everything you like about yourself and your life at this current time. Secondly, everything you dislike about yourself and your life at this present time: lastly, everything you want your life to become. Take your time with this. You want to be as thorough as possible. Give yourself one week to compile these lists. Trust me, you will think of things randomly, and you will want to add them.

Lists, lists, lists.

Now, what do you do with these lists, you ask? Sit them down side by side in front of you. Make sure you set aside the time to do this with no distractions. Now compare them. What do you like about your life in the current list that is in your end goal list? What is in your list of dislikes that is preventing you from taking your present life to your end goal? Take notes on all of this and handwrite it out for yourself. Seeing this in your handwriting means a lot more than reading it on your phone or having it typed and printed out. You should now have a fourth list that is everything you need to do to reach your end goals.

Setting goals

Now that you’ve sat down with your lists and gone through them, you should have an excellent idea of where you want to go with your life and what steps you need to take to get there. It’s time to sit down with your accountability partner and discuss this with them. If you both have done this exercise, it will make for a very enhanced accountability session.

What’s in the details?

Go over the first three lists in their entirety. Then, go through your final list with them. If it is possible, give each other a copy of your final list. By doing this, you have a physical attachment to the ultimate goal of being held accountable. Go over your final list, one person at a time, and make sure the other knows EXACTLY what you mean with each step. Having any confusion will just complicate the process.


The meaning of it all:

By implementing these accountability actions in your life, you will notice drastic changes almost immediately. Little things such as not drinking that soda or eating fast food. Even bigger things like ensuring you’re treating your spouse better or you’re working on your passion in life harder than ever. In the end, you will see that accountability is critical in Optimizing Your Life. Take these steps and make your dream life a reality.

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