Today we dive into the Alpha Outpost subscription box for the month of May 2016. This box is the “Dopp Kit“, which is a hygiene kit for those unfamiliar with the term. This is my second time reviewing a box from Alpha Outpost and I wanted to provide some of my thoughts surrounding some of the bashing the company has received from some of the industries “big shot” gear reviewers, as well as a few box subscribers that I think are misunderstanding what they are truly buying. So in this video we review this box fully, and I talk about my thoughts on the company.

Alpha Outpost is a box for the Alpha Male. It’s not always survival, it’s not always tactical, it’s just simply a box of stuff for men. Not every single box will apply perfectly for every person who subscribes. Take this months box for example. The only real items that I have use for in this box are the clippers, soap, soap pouch, and the comb. All the rest is virtually worthless for me at this point in my life simply because I do not shave, and don’t plan on it anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean the box isn’t valuable.

Alpha OutpostThe gear in their boxes could definitely be better quality. There’s no doubt about that, but you should question how you place value on certain things as well. While I don’t ever endorse shitty products I do however understand the price I am paying in return for a certain quality. These boxes are not that expensive. There’s honestly not a lot of “meat on the bones” for profits when it comes to Alpha Outpost being able to make money and grow their business.

Their in business, just like we’re in business. While we want to always provide the best quality stuff for the lowest possible price, the problem with that is that it takes a lot of sales to make up the difference in order to actually make enough money to grow. So I say all this to simply influence you into taking a step back, and evaluating the things you buy from a different perspective. People often don’t consider the variables before they automatically judge a product or service as “bad quality” or “too expensive”.

You’re going to pay $35-40 per month for this box guys.

So like I said, these boxes are not that expensive, and you need to recognize that fact when you analyze the gear within them. While the quality of the gear is not always good quality. It is exactly what I expect it to be when I am paying so little for it. It’s not really possible for them to increase the quality a heck of a lot considering the price and they money they make. At their pricing to up the quality of the items would mean upping the pricing on the subscriptions.

I’m sure that a lot of us would be happy with paying a little more for better quality gear though. So Alpha, if you’re reading. This might be something to consider?

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