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As normal, and as i’ve stated in past reviews. Alpha Outpost has some serious issues to overcome. They are a veteran owned USA based company, yet they are failing their subscribers in my eyes. I do however think their ideal subscriber is highly misunderstood by the community, and I explain why that is in the video here.

Alpha Outpost has dumped MASSIVE amounts of cash into their branding, and marketing efforts. They certainly “look” the part. They have a slick logo, awesome designs, great packaging, solid communication, and it appears that they have continued to evolve. They have evolved on every level it appears, all except in the quality department.

alpha outpostNow, I’m not saying the gear they have in their boxes is shit. I am however saying that you get what you pay for. Their item lists are often IMO, greatly overvalued (also mentioned in the video). In all honesty, to me the gear that i’ve received in every box so far that i’ve reviewed has basically been equal to the value that I would actually pay to be a subscriber. Most of the gear is sourced from China, and gets their brand slapped on it. And even this would still be acceptable, only the gear is seriously subpar in comparison to the values they put on it.

Will you get your monies worth? Yes.

That’s not the point though. The whole idea of the box is that you always receive more value than what you pay for, and by their standards their value is often over double if not triple what you pay for. Which is just flat out not true. This box is for your average everyday modern male. It’s not going to be appealing to the majority of us males who live the lifestyle of preparedness and know the importance of quality gear, and you can still provide quality gear for a fair price.

Alpha….It’s time to step it up. Listen to your fans. We are here, we support you, and we know you can do better. As a Veteran myself I place my trust in you guys to do this. I support you guys still because I understand your target market. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. Even at the current pricing, the quality could still be doubled and you’d make more money because you’d finally have the support you need from your fans. You might be able to rake in new subscribers by the boatloads through your widespread marketing, but it’s not about width. It’s about depth.

It’s about how many of those customers stay members for life. That is what you want.

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