Injury prevention exercises are a huge part of functional fitness that often goes unchecked. Specifically ankle strengthening. In this video we talk about a few different exercises with and without resistance bands that I do to maintain and improve my joints and ankles. I’ve always had a bad problem with rolling and spraining my ankles, especially as a kid. Every time it happened it always put me on the bench for months at a time, and I was sick of it. I decided to do something about it.

I took to the internet to find some great ways to strengthen my ankles. Ankle strengthening isn’t something that tends to get a lot of focus as it’s not a problem that tons of people have, and it’s not “fun”. It get’s pushed aside as less important. Kinda like stretching. Equally important, but often ignored.

Pick up your resistance bands right here:

Ankle strengthening can take some time. I do these exercises at least once per week, sometimes more. I’ve been doing them for a few years now and I haven’t had  anymore problems out of my ankles. I’ve had some really close calls, but all in all I haven’t re-injured them in quite a while now. Watch though, as I write this i’ll surely snap them into tomorrow lol. Let’s hope not….

If you’re like me you might have struggled with this for awhile. Or maybe you have bad knees. Either way, there’s exercises you can do to strengthen these areas of the body. It’s not so much strengthening the joints, but the muscles that surround them. Therefor by keeping these muscles actively engaged and challenged on a consistent basis it makes them stay more alert in your day to day. This is active injury prevention.

Ankle StrengtheningThese exercises in this video are mostly for ankle strengthening but they do have some benefits for the knees as well. There’s all kinds of other exercises to improve the joint strength in other areas of the body that we will go over in later episodes. Feel free to give these a try and see how they affect you? I’m an amateur MMA fighter and I train very hard all the time on top of all the survival training I do as well. Needless to say I train all the damn time. This means it’s incredibly important for me to focus on injury prevention so that I can maintain consistent levels of training. If I don’t, I get benched by injury so much that it prevents me from developing my skills and maintaining my body.

Give these a shot, and let me know how they help you?

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