3VG SovereignBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
December 3, 2020

Cold Overnighter w/ My Daughter & The 3VG Sovereign Redline Pack

Continuing down the new Redline pack series from our friends over at 3V Gear, we have the 3VG Sovereign next up. It's their largest pack…
Transit Redline BackpackBags & PacksEDC (Every Day Carry)GEARSECTOR
September 7, 2020

Will This Replace My Main EDC Bag? – 3V Gear Transit Redline Backpack

We recently went on a little weekend getaway with the kiddos and I decided to bring my 3V Gear Transit Redline Backpack and see how…
EDC BagBags & PacksEDC (Every Day Carry)GEARSECTOR
August 6, 2020

EDC Bag – How To Choose A Solid Bag For EDC

EDC Bag Everyday Carry or EDC allows us to be one step ahead of the average person. Having items collected and ready for use at…
July 26, 2020

Cipher Messenger Bag Review – 3V Gear Redline Pack Series

THE CIPHER MESSENGER BAG - BEST EDC BAG FOR URBAN PREPPERS? 3V Gear has done it yet again, my friends. Today we introduce the Cipher…
Osprey AtmosBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
July 14, 2020

Osprey Atmos/Aura 65: Best Solo Medium Backpack?

Its been long debated what the best pack on the market it. Internal vs. External, Lightweight (Go fast) vs. medium weight (average), and so on.…
January 1, 2019

Diaz Sport Tactical Hydration Pack – EDC/Daypack

When I'm out scouting new terrain for potential training and filming locations it's typically in the form of a quick day hike. I like to…
smuggler adventure duffle bagBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
March 24, 2018

The NEW Smuggler Adventure Duffle Bag By 3V Gear

Today we check out the new and improved 3V Gear Smuggler Adventure Duffle Bag. You guys might remember the old version of the smuggler adventure…
March 24, 2018

3V Gear Shift Urban Sling Pack – Stealth Operator Bag (SOB)

The guys at 3V Gear continue to impress me. There's truly no better option for quality gear on a budget. I'm not a huge fan…
3V Gear SubrosaBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
December 10, 2017

3V Gear Subrosa Urban Assault Pack – SOB (Stealth Operator Bag)

The 3V Gear Subrosa Urban Assault Pack, one of several new packs from their SOB (Stealth Operator Bag) lineup is a go to bag for the discrete…
Wildwood Self RelianceBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
December 3, 2017

Wildwood Self Reliance – Is This The BEST Bushcraft Gear?

I recently set out to build a minimalistic bushcrafting pack and around the same time I got connected with my friend Tyler of Wildwood Self…
Everyday PackBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
August 27, 2017

Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) – Everyday Pack

There's just something about this simplistic pack that draws me towards it everyday, and it's not because it's called the Everyday pack either. The Tactical…
Ranger Gun CaseBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
June 15, 2017

Carry Your Range Essentials With The Ranger Gun Case | 3V Gear

The Ranger Gun Case by our alliance partners over at 3V Gear is a solid go to for the budget minded shooter or prepared minded…
Bags & PacksEDC (Every Day Carry)GEARSECTOR
April 2, 2017

Comfortably Carry Your EDC W/ The 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack

My EDC is always evolving and i'm always testing packs of all types. For the past 3 weeks i've been fielding the Outlaw Sling Pack…
February 14, 2017

MMA & Fitness Gear Breakdown – What’s In Primal’s Gym Bag?

Survival and fitness go hand in hand. Fitness is clearly a paramount element but so many people neglect it in the preparedness community. I've  personally…
smugglerBags & PacksGEARSECTOR
February 9, 2017

3V Gear Smuggler Adventure Duffel Bag

For the longest time I used my old Condor Tactical Mission Pack as my gym bag. It's a great bag but as I got more into…
May 8, 2016

The Ultimate Survival Pack – Triple Aught Design | FAST Pack EDC

Around a month ago I did a Complete Breakdown of My Hybrid Survival Pack. In that review we took a look at the basics of…
March 28, 2016

Hybrid Combat Survival Pack (Bug Out Bag) – 2016 Progress Report

Recently I set course on a quest to create the most functional, and efficient survival pack that I could create. The goal was to build…
Bags & PacksEDC (Every Day Carry)GEARSECTOR
January 13, 2016

SOG Bandit Sling Pack – Tactical Baby Bag – Gear Review

After a lot of experience with sling packs I made the decision to downsize. I was in the market for a small pack to serve…