The wallet is an EDC Staple. A lot of people stick to their tried and true old school plain leather bi-folds, but there’s a lot of new wallets on the market now that are honestly superior in quality, function, and form with a more minimal design. I’m an EDC nut so I like rotating my wallet a lot. The 3 wallets we’re going to look at today are known to be some of the Best EDC Wallets on the market. KORE, Trayvax, and Ridge.

Now, in my opinion, the Best EDC Wallets are minimal, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. A wallet to me is a conversation starter, kinda like a watch. A nice wallet is a must for any modern-day gentleman. When it comes to aesthetics, some people like the look of leather, others the look of metal. If you’re anything like me you like a hybrid of the two. Today though, we’re talking about some mid-range budget wallets. These aren’t the cheapest, but they’re not stupidly expensive either.

I’ll kick it off with Trayvax.

A company a lot of people are familiar with in the EDC world now. They make some really awesome wallets. This one is the Armored Summit, their second cheapest option. It’s constructed of metal and nylon and looks pretty kick ass. It’s RFID Blocking, minimal, has a cash slot, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also features ID cutouts. The only thing I didn’t personally like about this wallet was the cash slot. It just didn’t feel very secure.

The card deployment method wasn’t super smooth for me either, but overall, it’s definitely in the running as one of the Best EDC Wallets.

Grab An Armored Summit Here:

Best EDC WalletsBest EDC Wallets

KORE Essentials

Next in my Best EDC Wallets list is the KORE Essentials Slim Wallet. I’ve reviewed it in-depth in the past, but this wallet truly is phenomenal. It’s constructed of full-grain leather and carbon fiber, making it extremely lightweight and comfortable to carry in any pocket. Due to its slim leather design, it’s able to accommodate more cards with better organization than the other options in this list.

Honestly, this wallet is my top pick for the money. It’s the best bang for the buck out of these options and checks the most boxes. I’m not saying it’s the best wallet ever, just that it’s the best of on this list in my opinion. If you want to spend more money, there are certainly some solid options beyond this one.

This wallet is RFID Blocking, very light, minimal, and the card deployment is very smooth with their smart pull tab. It’s by far the fastest. I hate scrambling to get my cards out when I need them and it doesn’t get any easier than this. My favorite part is that the money clip can be carried independently as it separates from the leather. This opens up some unique covert storage capabilities that you don’t get with these other options.

Grab A KORE Slim Wallet Here:

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Best EDC WalletsBest EDC WalletsBest EDC WalletsBest EDC Wallets

The Ridge Wallet

This wallet has been knocked off more times than I can count, but for good reason. It’s pretty popular. It’s constructed of lightweight aluminum and elastic straps and you can get it with a money clip, or a cash strap option. Again, I didn’t like the card handling mechanics of this wallet personally, but a lot of people do. It’s RFID Blocking like the rest and comes in a wide variety of color options.

It has a bunch of star bit screws all around the edges and the box comes with a star bit screwdriver included so you can remove the side walls to replace the straps or money clip / cash strap. I have heard of some people saying the screws come out on their own occasionally, but I’m not sure if they had a knock off, or a genuine ridge. Personally, after handling it for some time, it didn’t give me any bad vibes. It’s definitely in the running for the Best EDC Wallets.

Grab a Ridge Wallet here:

Best EDC WalletsBest EDC Wallets

Personally, I think the KORE Essentials Slim Wallet takes 1’st place in this comparison. It checks every box for me but I would also like to see them make a nylon variation. I love leather, but I also like the durability of mil-spec nylon. Some 500-1000d Cordura nylon would be nice to see. Maybe they will one day? Who knows… Anyway, what wallets would you like to see me take a look at in the future? I’m always hunting for the Best EDC Wallets to throw into my rotation.

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