The good ole B.O.V. (Bug Out Vehicle). A must have for any serious survivalist/prepared person. For me, my BOV doubles as my daily driver. As i’m sure a lot of you guys are in the same position I thought I might do some progress reports as I build mine over the years. It’s nothing fancy right now, but as time goes by it will become the BOV of my dreams, but not without a lot of financial investment, planning, and time.

Shortly after I bought this Jeep not so long ago I built this budget DIY shelving system in the back. It was good for awhile, but as time went on my desires changed so I decided to store my bug out Jeep gear a little differently. This video will break it all down and show you exactly how I’m doing it now, as well as all the gear I currently keep in my trunk kit.

This set up is by no means completed, and as I mention in the video it is always evolving and growing. This video is just to show you what I currently have, mention some plans, and provide you with some solid deals on anything I mention if you’re interested. I figure by doing these progress reports every now and then that it will help inspire some ideas for you guys and your BOV’s as well. At the very least it will be cool to look back and see how much progress i’ve made with it.

Bug Out Jeep Gear

My Jeep is a base model 2011 Wrangler jku. It’s a deep green but looks black in most light. This video will however only be showing you the contents of my trunk gear, as i’ve not yet done many mentionable things anywhere else. Jeeps are great BOV’s on their own without having to do much to them, and aftermarket parts to beef them up can get very expensive. So this is a slow build process for me right now. I’ve focused so far on building up my gear, rather than the Jeep itself. As time progresses I have massive plans for this Jeep and my Bug Out Jeep Gear.

Bug Out Jeep Gear

If you are interested in any of the gear I mention in this video here is a comprehensive list of everything I mention so you can pick them up for a good deal, as well as help support us at the same time. We get affiliate commissions from all the sales, so it helps us to continue making great content and much more for you guys. At the end of this post I also mention some extra recommendations of gear you might want to add to your vehicle kit.

My Current Trunk Gear

Here Are Some Extra Recommendations

There’s obviously thousands of items that could be added to this list. If you think of something crucial be sure to drop a comment below and let me know so I can get it added to the list of recommendations!

I hope this article and video help you in the process of your own BOV build. My bug out Jeep gear and Jeep itself will continue to evolve and progress. I will be making more videos along the way.

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