I often find myself getting asked a lot of questions about the things I do. Some of the most frequently asked questions are “What do you use to edit your videos?” or “What is the camera gear you use?”. I get asked these kinds of questions so much, I decided to just do a complete break down video explaining my entire filming kit for Videography, Photography, and YouTube Creating.

In this video you’ll learn exactly what I use, how I use it, how I carry it all, and how I put it all together to create content.

Camera Gear

As I got deeper into this industry I came to understand how important consistently putting out high quality content is for my brand. There’s really not a better way to get exposure unless you pay a tremendous amount of money, so you need to be creating content regardless of the business you’re in. You need videos, blog posts, micro content (infographics, and such), and virtually anything else you can create a story around.

The more I created content the more I had a need to invest in quality gear to capture it with. So I got serious and decided to invest in some higher level gear, and even this isn’t nearly the best gear, but it’s better than 90% of your competition, and that’s what matters. There’s no shortage of subpar content out there. It doesn’t take a whole lot of investment to create better than your competition. Most people record videos with potatoes, and write their blog posts more centered on advertising than building any actual value.

Not me, not here.

So with all this new gear I had to find a way to carry it in the field that was safe and secure. Before I got this Pelican 1520 case I was just carrying my camera gear in my main pack when I went out. Therefor I had to remove essential survival items in order to bring all my camera gear. Which sucked, and also offered my camera gear very little in the means of protection. So I was stoked when I picked up this case, but even with the case it’s still challenging. That’s just something you have to accept as a creator in my industry. I sometimes train deep in the mountains. 3-5 miles in is pretty normal. So you can imagine how carrying my pack, along with this case can be challenging for miles in the wilderness, but it’s doable.

Camera Gear

So that’s how I carry all my camera gear, and here’s an itemized list of all the camera gear I have as of writing this article. I aim to upgrade what I can afford to as I grow. There’s no need to get ahead of your abilities. You should scale your business in proportion to your ability.


This kit will obviously evolve in time, as I continue to grow and learn new things. But after the camera gear you need to know how to put all the footage together. This is called “editing”. (Obviously…)

Editing skills take time to develop. Especially if you want to be able to do animation graphics. Here’s all the programs I currently use to edit my videos, and the machine I do it all on.


I use a variety of programs and software but the ones I do the majority of my work in are Adobe After Effects (For animations), and Adobe Photoshop (For thumbnails and standard graphics), and you can also use Adobe Premier for your normal video tasks such as transitions, titles, and piecing it all together. However, if you’re going to use Adobe at all, you might as well go ahead and sign up for the Adobe Creative Cloud so you can have access to the entire Adobe platform.

Aside from those programs you can normally catch me doing the bulk of my processing in iMovie on my Mac Air. Not because it’s incredibly powerful, or has all kinds of features and functionality, but because it’s incredibly efficient, fast, and user friendly. It comes pre-loaded with tons of transitions, titles, audio, and other effects that plug and play. Now, with this you CAN end up with a relatively cookie cutter outcome. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing so long as your content/story of the video is on point, with proper lighting, and proper perspectives.

The part where most people mess up video is by over editing. People tend to think they need all kinds of crazy flashes and transitions when in reality a simple cut in the clip to the next one will be more digestible to the viewer. Don’t get me wrong, I do some “wow” things occasionally but the majority of what I do is simplistic because I focus more on the creation of a quality story and clear visuals.

I primarily shoot outside so I don’t often need studio lighting or rail mounted lights for my camera, however that’s next on my upgrade list as I am building an indoor studio to shoot specific things, and maybe even some green screen stuff, but this is the extent of my camera gear, and the how and what I use to do all of my creating. I hope it helps you to get creating on your own!

The biggest thing I can tell you is that if you want to create, just do it. Don’t procrastinate and wait until you can afford 5k worth of camera gear. Reffer back to my statement of investing equally in proportion to your growth. Don’t overreach your budget and go bankrupt. Just grab your smartphone and start creating. Your quality will increase with every video, and your audience will watch as you evolve. This builds quality fans, and shows people you are authentic, and that’s exactly what people want to see. So don’t be afraid to loosen up, be yourself, and create things.

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