Cell Phone As A Survival Tool

Today let’s check out how 3 apps can convert a cell phone into a survival tool. Due to the nature in which we live today – a cell phone is just as essential to our daily operations as keys for the car. We use our cell phones to order food, handle business, check on family and friends in real-time and for some, it is a primary source of entertainment.

Now, let’s consider the survival mindset. Let’s pretend for a moment SHTF has happened, the “grid” is down and you need to shift from everyday Joe with a cell phone; a cell phone survival commando. Will the apps on your phone allow navigating home safely? What about providing you with illumination; since you may not have a flashlight in your pocket or briefcase. What if you are caught in either an urban or wilderness environment with only the clothes on your back, what you took to work with you this morning – and of course – your cell phone.

In the digital age, we thrive in – there are hundreds of thousands of apps to make life easier, more efficient, more entertaining, but too often not enough of them provide us with an element of survival. 

Cell Phone As A Survival Tool

Cell Phone Survival: Offline Maps for Navigation

First – we need to get home – because that’s where family and our supplies are. You might have food stored up should the need arise but this won’t help you if you are 3, 5, or even 10 miles from home. You might know your way home, but due to unforeseen circumstances, your known and primary way home is now not an option. Therefore an offline mapping system will come handy. With offline maps – the app will use the GPS capability of the cell phone, determine your location, and allow you to navigate to your destination. Once the app is downloaded and installed – there will be on-screen instructions on how to choose the state you wish to download maps for. Once downloaded, to test the offline capability, simply turn off WiFi and mobile data (will not work if you enable Airplane Mode as this disables GPS) and one can zoom in to street level to navigate to your BOL. Be sure to test this app before you need it! Be familiar with your gear before you have to rely on it in real-time. It just might save your life.

Cell Phone as a Survival Tool - Flashlight App
Cell Phone as a Survival Tool
Cell Phone As a Survival Tool

Cell Phone Survival: Flashlight App

We all know how handy a flashlight can be. A good flashlight in a survival situation can add to morale, give visibility to those that may be searching for lost individuals, or even be used as a form of communication – such as Morse Code.  Most of today’s mobile phones are equipped with a camera flash that can be utilized as a flashlight. This app will shed “light” on other great features as we learn how to use a cell phone as a survival tool.

This app allows you to incorporate the functions of a flashlight to your already built-in camera flash – effectively making this a tool in addition to your photo enjoyment. Once the app is open one can see the various functions that are offered: 

  • On/off Switch on screen
  • Brightness Levels
  • SOS option

The SOS option is what caught my eye on this app. This ability to signal for help puts this app high on the cell phone survival spectrum when there is a situation that calls for signaling. the traditional SOS can be signaled multiple ways – including light flashes. Also, there are other ways that this app can be used – such as a strobe function. Rapid flashes of bright light may deter a would-be assailant due to disorientation, to allow to escape and fight another day. Always be thinking of ways to be better prepared for survival scenarios; one day you might be in one!

Cell Phone Survival: Offline SAS Survival Guide

If there was one universal app to turn a cell phone as a survival tool, it would be the SAS Survival Guide. This app comes with an offline option that allows the user to search for vital skills to implement in a given situation whether it is shelter building, fire skills, knot tying, or food procurement. Once the app is downloaded and then opened – you will have to choose the actual SAS survival guide because there will be various options to choose from – whether you want to use it online or offline, for example. Once this portion is downloaded, you can turn on airplane mode to test the app and see if it is working. Once installed and the actual book module is downloaded there is a wealth of information to be digested by the user. This app alone will make you better prepared for any survival scenario that may come your way.

In today’s society, we have the ability, therefore the obligation to be more prepared for life’s curveballs. Whether it is a car malfunction, active shooter situation, or a simple camping adventure – careful planning usually means competent pleasure given the situation. If you plan for something, this doesn’t mean things won’t go bad – it means when they do you’ll have an answer. Having a cell phone means you have a better chance with communication – but with these three apps and more – you can rest easier knowing you are better prepared for survival.

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