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Civil War begins…

It’s a typical Monday morning for your household. Your spouse and yourself are getting ready for work. The kids are getting up and asking for breakfast. Now someone is pounding on your door. You figure it’s just the new babysitter showing up a little early. Instead, it’s your neighbor from up the road saying he’s getting reports that there have been attacks all over the country and the media is reporting the next civil war is underway. You turn to your family and immediately get them moving on your bug out plan.

The start of a journey:

There are hundreds, if not thousands of scenarios on what happens when the next civil war breaks out. One thing is for certain, the majority of the country is not prepared for a natural disaster, let alone a civil war that will turn everyone’s lives upside down. Chances are since you’re reading this, you are one of the prepared ones. If not, I hope this starts your journey.

civil war financial collapse

The beginning of the civil war:

At the beginning of the next civil war, I believe there will be a major financial collapse that will kick the whole thing off. This will stem into rioting and looting on a scale that is unfathomable. General infrastructure will collapse, sending general day to day living into chaos. This will cause the government to step in and try to restore order. Doing this will cause more turmoil between those that have tried to keep to themselves and protect their families, and those that are trying to take advantage of the situation and prey on those that are unprepared.

Are YOU prepared?

When I talk to people about this situation and ask if they’re prepared to stay in their home or even leave their home for an extended period of time, most people say no. Most people assume you need a MASSIVE stockpile, and in some cases, you’re right. But for most households, there are a few basics that would be advisable to have on hand.

The starting blocks:

Yes, you want to have food for everyone in your home. Enough to sustain a decent caloric intake but also some extras. Weapons are also great to have, for obvious reasons. But the important thing is WATER. You can survive a lot longer without food than you can water. But normally, most people don’t stock enough water to sustain their household for more than a week or so, under normal conditions.

civil war water supply

Sourcing & Purifying Water

Once stores are either bought or looted clean of their water supply and you run out of your own supply, what do you do? Luckily, there are many different ways to source and purify water. Rain catch systems can be installed fairly easily and cheap prior to collapse. Even post-collapse, you can find items to do this quickly and easily. Water purification tablets can be bought ahead of time as well. There are also options such as a LifeStraw, or the popular Sawyer, and other personal filtration devices. You can also go big with home systems or camp setups like the MUV Eclipse.

What’s next?

The biggest thing you need to figure out is whether you turn your home into a defensive and fortified position and make a stand, or bug out to a safer location. There are many different variables to think of when making this decision. In a civil war, obviously cities and central hubs are going to be the hardest hit. So your overall location should be the main determining factor in this. We will go over more of this in future articles.

Until next time.

Hopefully this gets you thinking of some ways to be prepared for a civil war collapse. Be on the lookout for Part Two coming soon! Feel free to comment your thoughts and input. Thanks for reading! -Tripod

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