Let’s talk about some concealed carry. For me, I rarely find myself in a situation demanding me to be very professionally dressed and I typically like to keep it really casual. However, there are still instances when I need to dress up. When I do I still want to carry my firearm but the dynamics change a little bit. If my shirts tucked I am going to opt for a nice leather gun belt. I personally like the new 2.0 Gun Belts from KORE Essentials. They have a leather version, which is what you see in the video above, and they have a tactical version for when you’re wanting to keep it casual.


I had both the tactical and the leather versions of the 1.0’s and they were phenomenal belts, to begin with. They made some very nice upgrades with the 2.0’s though. New 2 set screws to secure the belt strap more effectively. Making it all but impossible for the strap to separate from the buckle. They’ve made the receptacle deeper allowing the belt to sink deeper into the buckle, tapered ends, and upgraded the core itself. Making it even more rigid and flexible than it was before. They took a belt that was already arguably one of the best on the market and made it even better. In fact, KORE Essentials belts rank #1 in two categories in our Top 50 Gun Belts On The Planet article.


For concealed carry when wearing professional clothing I will often opt for an OWB holster carried at the 3-4 o’clock position if my shirt is being tucked in. This way my jacket can cover it. In normal clothing, I always stick with AIWB as much as I can. OWB holsters are typically related to open carry, but this isn’t really an issue when wearing a jacket so long as you plan on keeping said jacket on. OWB carry has some perks. It’s normally more comfortable due to not being sucked to your body, and it gives you some clearance. This allows you to get a proper full firing grip much easier than it would with an IWB holster.

As for getting good consistency with your draws, this is highly related to your belt from my experience. This is why I’m such a big fan of KORE Essentials Gun Belts. They are super rigid where they need to be, yet flexible where they need to be too. Giving you maximum comfort and stiffness where it matters.

People often fail to carry their firearm simply due to comfort factors. As a bigger guy concealed carry is naturally uncomfortable, especially for appendix carry. However, there are things you can do to mitigate the issues and make it tolerable. Having a great belt will dramatically help with this. Along with wearing the proper clothing. These KORE Essentials Gun Belts have a sewn in Trakline that acts as a zip tie and it gives you 800% more adjustability compared to traditional belts with holes.

Concealed carry is essential for me, and there’s a lot of things that go into it to help you do it right and as comfortably as you can. I will work on some more concealed carry tips down the road. Be sure to stop by KORE Essentials website and pick up some new Gun Belts for yourself. Use our fan code “MaskTactical” to save some money and let them know we sent you.

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