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As we continue our crazy journey in this Virus world. Stress has shown its face in many communities or starting to unravel into more serious issues. We need to look at ways to relieve that stress as it is highly unhealthy both mentally and physically to our bodies. While some areas are starting to reopen slowly, many are still locked down on a majority of the population, especially outside the United States, which are still closed. Many online communities have boomed to offer options to help with this.




A simple search around Facebook, you can see groups either starting or growing massively during this time. From fitness, gaming, or home DIY these groups are growing and offering ways to relieve that stress.

Stress Fitness


Fitness has many options due to the vast array of YouTube videos (MrandMrsMuscle is a good one) on top of the enormous amount of Facebook groups. Even if you do not have any weights at home there are options. Bodyweight exercises are great and are a killer workout. Some suggestions are the 100 Push-up challenge, superhero themed, or even just sticking with the basics off push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Ian has also put together different tests for fitness to gauge where you are. You can find that link here. The last option would be a simple run. Cardio is great for releasing the chemical levels that stress throws off in our bodies.

Now with how much you need to do depends on yourself and your levels of fitness from the past. You don’t want to overdo it out the gate, but you also want to push yourself to become somewhat fatigued. That could be 30 min or up to over an hour.

Another fun option can be family activities. If you are just a couple or even with kids get hikes in, even if it’s just around the city block. Kids also need these releases right now and it could even develop into something more as they grow up. Plant those seeds of general fitness now.

The real goal you need to focus on is getting the cortisol down. That is the main chemical that creates unhealthy fat in the body due to stress, which we are all under a lot of right now.

Gaming stress


So many probably so some form of gaming currently. While online video games are a stress relief for some, they call also push more stress onto you. Many times, over the chats there is nothing, but insults are thrown back and forth, many times by youth that really shouldn’t be doing so. One option is to break the stigma and get a little nerdy. Many tabletop games have taken to online hosting with great success. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D or DnD) has been one of the biggest successes of this. While many see it as a nerd game, many have decided to give it a run. Even some big profile names like Terry Cruz, Vin Diesel, Joe Manganiello, Drew Barrymore, Robin Williams (RIP), and many more. All you need to do is look for group finders on Facebook for the specific game and you will get into one. DnD also has adapted to Roll20 for hosting games. These are usually more effective due to the mental stimulation as well as usually no insults are thrown and just laughs are had. Plus, you can have a drink during it.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

As many have probably heard in their youth, hard work does a person well. With some having too much time on their hands, home improvement projects are a great thing to undertake right now. Understandably money is an issue for some right now but that does not stop some projects. A simple cleaning up the house and yard are a great start for this. It is a matter of getting some sweat flowing and dirt on your hands.

Some great examples can be:

  • Any projects that have carried over for years (Just not enough time)
  • Seal the driveway if its concrete
  • Stain decks and fences
  • Build a fence, garden, or backyard shed
  • Work your yard, pull weeds, mow more frequently, prune trees and bushes, etc
  • Look at Pinterest for ideas or kid-friendly projects

There are plenty of ideas out there, it really just comes down to making a list and getting to work on that list.

The Wrap-up

In the end, we need to take care of ourselves more than ever before. Normally we can just run and do our own things but right now there is just so much going on with the virus that we need to focus on taking sometimes for ourselves. If that is working out so be it. Doing some nerdy gaming, get in with some friends, and have some laughs. Knocking out the “Honey-do list” break a sweat. It’s all a matter of working to get stress levels down and take care of ourselves.

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