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Contest Name: Disney Vacation!

Contest dates: Starts – 4/22/19 | Ends 12/31/20 at midnight.

Description: This contest is to provide a unique once in a lifetime Disney World experience for up to a family of 4.

Rules: Whoever has the highest gross sales by the end of the contest date will win the grand prize. You may not acquire sales in any way that breaches our affiliate terms of service. For this contest, all affiliate products are counted towards sales volume, as well as recurring payments. This means that anytime you get sales for any product on our program, recurring or not, they will be counted in the leaderboards. For this contest, there is a minimum amount of $30,000 in total gross sales between the top 5 affiliates required to win. If the combined total gross sales of the top 5 affiliates are less than $30,000 by the contests end date, we will extend the date to allow more time.

To clarify, the first place affiliate doesn’t have to personally hold $30,000 in sales to win the grand prize. Only the combined total of the top five has to meet that minimum. Whoever holds first place by the contests end date shall be deemed the winner. Lastly, all of your sales data for this contest will be tracked in the live top 5 leaderboard display below.

Grand Prize: All expenses paid 1 Week Vacation to Disney World (up to a party of 4). This is all-inclusive. We will be covering your hotel, park tickets, travel, and food accommodations. We will work together hand in hand with the winner to ensure you get the most out of the trip.

Special Stipulations: MASK Tactical will cover the costs of this trip up to but not more than a total cost of $6,500. Any costs above that amount shall be the sole responsibility of the winner. If the winner doesn’t wish to pay any overages they can elect to reduce the trip duration to accommodate more guests or added trip features. MASK Tactical will elect to save money where possible by finding group and duration discounts on travel accommodations, food, etc. MASK Tactical will handle the complete arrangement of the trip with regard to any special requests that the winner may have.


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