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Everyday Carry or EDC allows us to be one step ahead of the average person. Having items collected and ready for use at a moment’s notice can provide one with the peace of mind knowing that a situation may not catch them off guard. Having items on our person is convenient, but what if we need to have more things to protect us? What if we need a first aid kit? What about snacks? Today we are going to talk about the EDC bag. Part 1 of this series will outline what type of bag you will need based on what scenarios you are planning for. Part 2 will be a separate article that will describe modules within the bag, and part 3 will be an article describing gear within each module.

Urban Style

The right backpack can depend on several things. Where you work, where you spend most of your time, or what type of terrain or environment are all necessary factors when it comes to choosing the right pack. Maybe you work and travel in a more urban environment – a tactical style backpack may cause you to stand out like a sore thumb.  A better option might be to choose a more school or office style backpack so that when you’re traveling or commuting to work – you blend in with your surroundings, all the while better prepared than your peers. I have a Swiss Gear Scan Smart Backpack that I got a while back when I was in college. It’s a typical black backpack with plenty of pockets and room for laptops, books, and other items. It blends in well with office and hospital surroundings as well as your typical urban setting. What matters most will be what YOU put inside this to make it your EDC bag. This bag comes with a rugged top grab handle, dual bottle compartments on either side of the bag, and it’s made of a nylon fabric that will hold up to typical wear and tear over time.

EDC Backpack - Urban
EDC Backpack

Tactical Style

If the urban style backpack isn’t for you – maybe you want a more tactical style EDC bag. I also have one of the more rugged 5.11 Rush 24 packs made by 5.11 Tactical. I’ve had this pack for years now and when I plan to be on the road for extended periods – regardless of where I am going – I rock a more solid bag to get me to and from destinations.  The shoulder straps are more padded than a typical school or office backpack. The organization options in this style of bag are better and it is made of more rugged, more durable Cordura waterproof nylon fabric that if for some reason your bag gets wet, your gear will not.

EDC Backpack - Tactical

Whether you are looking to better blend into your environment or have a substantial EDC bag regardless of look, the most important thing is to have gear with you at all times. The right equipment in the right pack at the right time will get you out of a rough spot. The EDC backpack is a must-have for those who are just starting into the preparedness lifestyle. Stay tuned for the next article for when we dive into the contents of what a solid EDC Bag should contain.

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