Ever wanted a better way to manage your bills without having to pay for expensive accountants or software? Sure you have. Plain old paper and basic checklist apps aren't that efficient anymore.

If you're seeking a better way to manage both personal or business bills, this free tool is for you.

My name is Ian "Primal" Talbert, and I'm the owner over at MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe. I also created the Primal Method. A strategic 6 layered process that helps you unlock modern day preparedness. 

Layer 1 of my method focuses on life foundations, and finances just so happen to be part of that. 

After years of being in business and dealing with a ton of customers and members, I found a common struggle. Most people don't have an efficient bill management system in place.

I'm not saying this is the best bill management tool you can use, hell, there's actually a lot that are better, but they're not all free like this one.

The "Bill Manager" is a tool I created to hopefully help relieve some financial stress by providing a more effective way to manage your bills. Without being on top of your bills, it's kinda hard to build a proper budget.

So, what's the tool?

The tool is a database template that I custom built inside of a free application called Airtable. We use it for many different things and it's a very powerful piece of software.

You can use it on both mobile and desktop but it's highly recommended to be used on a desktop for the best functionality and display.

So, want to try it out?


Simply opt-in with your name and email address below so I can send you the template link!

No worries, no catch, it's totally FREE!

I originally made it for our tribe members, but I decided to just give it to the world.

I hope you find it helpful!

 - Ian "Primal" Talbert
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