Enhance Your EDC, Stay Safe, and Illuminate The Dark With Your Very Own FREE WARLIGHT.
  • 3 Modes! Low, High, & Strobe
  • 300 Lumens Packing A Bright Punch
  • Powered by a Single AA or 14500 Battery (Not included)
  • Super Bright Cree Q5 LED Bulb With Zoomable Focus
  • Strong Aluminum Body & Pocket Clip
We Pay For Your Light, You Cover The Shipping. Grab Yours Now Before Stock Runs Out!
That's Right, You're Also Going To Get Access To Our Optimal Performance War Planning System (A $37 Value) For FREE!
  •  You'll get access to 3 downloadable War Planners
  •  You'll learn our unique War Planning System
  •  You'll experience more clarity in your life and focus on your objectives
  •  Bonus 25 Minute Training Video
 Life is a battlefield and the best way to live it is with a solid War Plan. An optimized strategy for effectively accomplishing your objectives and dreams. Think of it as goal setting and life management on steroids. This system will help you eliminate brain fog, and create a clear path of action for your future, and I want you to have the training and planners for FREE.
Ian "Primal" Talbert
Owner/Operator - MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe

All my adult life i've been in pursuit of high productivity and fulfillment. After spending thousands of hours and dollars trying to learn all the secrets I finally developed my own unique life management systems. The War Planners are one small piece of the puzzle, but they are a solid place to start. My War Planning process is the vehicle that get's me where i'm going in life, and it will help you get where you want to go as well. If you have an unorganized and chaotic life, you will never unlock the ability to be truly prepared. You must have a solid foundation to build on, and it starts with optimizing your current lifestyle...
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