Coronavirus is spreading rapidly and it’s evolved into a big concern for a lot of people. We’re following the situation closely and preparing accordingly inside the tribe. We strongly recommend that you start doing so now and not wait any longer. If you’ve waited till now, you’re already behind. Panic buying started over a week ago. It’s no longer about to be harder, it’s already hard.

Sam’s was out of cheap bulk rice stock. Lowes, HD, Walmart and Harbor Freight are completely out of affordable respirators. Cheap brand water is getting snatched up. The cheaper essentials are getting snatched up in bulk faster than stores can supply. OTC meds, multivitamins, med gear, etc… This means you’ll be forced to spend more money to get what you need for the time being. This is why preparedness when things are calm is vital. Once the panic sets in, you will not be able to get what you need. Start now. Get what you can. You’re already behind.

Coronavirus, Gas Mask

A gas mask isn’t something a lot of people own. Even a lot of “preppers” neglect chemical attack preparedness. It’s not a super common form of violence but it does happen. We have seen it in the past, and we will see it again. If there’s one thing basic training taught me when I was at Ft Benning training to become an infantryman, it’s that tear gas absolutely sucks lol. Weirdly, I would go back and do it all again today if I could. It totally sucked, but the gas chamber was a fun experience. It definitely made me have a respect for how harsh a chemical attack could be, and how important it was to be prepared for one with a proper gas mask.

I’ve used a handful over the years, and to be honest, most are pretty much garbage. They fog up, they don’t fit right, hard to communicate, they inhibit your vision, etc. Not all of them suck, but a lot of them do. Especially in the cheap price range. Recently though, I got connected with my friend Roman from MIRA Safety. They make a gas mask that I really want you guys to know about because it truly is the best bang for your buck when it comes to a CBRN approved gas mask.

The MIRA Safety CM-6M gas mask is phenomenal. We even tested it against some Fox Labs 5.3 pepper spray grenades, and those things are potent. Check out some of the photos.

gas mask
Large face shield improving peripheral visability.
Simple and comfortable 5 point head harness system.
Drager RD40 Filters
Built in speech diaphragm.
Inner mask prevents fogging.
Built-in hydration system.

This gas mask is loaded with features that you would normally only find in much higher priced gas masks. Having these features at this super affordable price range positions it as one of the best gas mask options on the market right now. So, I picked up one and got 2 filters for it. Then we got some pepper spray grenades and put it to the test. You’ll see it all in the video above. Right now though, let’s get a little more technical.

Here’s the breakdown on all the specs of this gas mask.


  • Compliant under EN 136 CL3 standards for respiratory protective devices.
  • Large visor with a very wide field of view.
  • Made from butyl rubber which meets material specifications for CBRN protection.
  • Comes standard with a speech diaphragm.
  • Comes standard with a pre-installed drinking system and external canteen.
  • Compatible with CamelBak water bladders.
  • Fits standard 40mm filter cartridges, which are widely available.
  • Fits up to 2 filter cartridges simultaneously, increasing the time you can go without changing filters, and making it easier to breathe under physical exertion, or for people with smaller lung capacities (kids).
  • Used by the military in Europe and the Middle East.
  • A long shelf life of 20 years.


  • Has a slight rubber smell. In all fairness, all butyl masks that I own also have some rubber smell, just figured I’d mention it just in case someone reading is very sensitive to this.
  • It’s not NIOSH CBRN Approved so it would limit professional use in the USA (Most government agencies require NIOSH CBRN approval for respiratory devices as part of OSHA standards if using the mask as part of your workplace PPE). Definitely great to have, but having or not having this certification does not determine quality, just means it went through and passed a certain series of tests here in the US.


The MIRA Safety CM-6M gas mask, in my opinion, gives you the biggest bang for your buck for a CBRN mask. It’s used by military all over Europe and the Middle East, it meets material specifications for protection against CBRN threats, comes with a drinking module, canteen, and a speech diaphragm. The large visor makes it easy to see through, and the inner mask prevents fogging.

A comparable mask from Drager (DHS 7000) would cost ~$750, one from Mestel (SGE 400/3 BB with Infinity Drinking System) would cost ~$400, and an Avon M50 mask would run you ~$600 with all accessories. Considering the massive savings, this mask is definitely my top choice for preparedness on a budget without sacrificing features.

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  • Roger says:

    Dear Warrior Tribe,

    My name is Lee. The current situation in Hong Kong is very complicated and dangerous or even life-threatening. Tears gas and pepper spray are often used by the police force. I currently need a mask which can give me enough protection for such scenario.

    Look forward to hearing from your team with suggestions.

    Thank you so much!
    I don’t know what to say………….

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