Hey everyone, I’m from the upper midwest and have been in the outdoors most of my life. I grew up hunting and being in the outdoors at a very young age. Eventually transitioning to having tags once old enough for youth shoots and have continued hunting every year. In 2005 I got my Eagle Scout and transitioned into High Adventure activities within the BSA. I attended national jamboree in 2005 and took classes from many outdoors experts.

In 2006 I lead my first trek to Philmont. During the trip, I was put through my paces and quick reactions from forest fires to bears/mountain lions. I returned for a special 3 week trip in 2007 and worked as a Ranger (backpacking guide) for 2008 and a Rayado Ranger (lead the 3-week trip) in 2009.

I went to Seattle for college and had many weekends and trips into the Cascades around Mt. Rainer along with going into the Olympics and the lovely Hoh Rainforest. In 2013 I returned to the midwest and worked in security for the State before transferring and becoming a certified Law Enforcement Officer with the state. During that time I got involved in a multitude of activities including becoming a FLETC Tactical Medical Instructor. I also started Hapkido which involves joint locks and throws along with grappling. I am currently a Red Belt and getting ready for my Black Belt test.

I left working in Law Enforcement to begin work for myself along with not spending all my time away from family. Recently, I completed a weekend, 3 item trip into the woods to resharpen my skills and prepare for some desired trips. I was able to complete a summit of Cloud Peak in the Big Horns with my wife and now preparing for a trip to Havasupai in October 2019. I am also currently in school to become a Certified Assistant Guide to begin helping run larger expeditions around the US and Canada. I can’t wait for you to read my articles and hopefully pass along some knowledge that I’ve gained over the years.