How Much Are You Actually Training?

Training, and physical conditioning is the most vital part of survival.

Learning things from the internet is probably the best method of gaining knowledge. However, the real thing is irreplaceable. It’s one thing to know something, but it’s another to actually be able to apply it in the field when your life depends on it.

I know, I know…

It’s so hard to find the time! FALSE — I get it we’re all so busy and just can’t find the time to train. The reason you don’t have time to train is because you haven’t accepted it as a priority… Now, if you guys ARE managing to train, and train often. Then you are on the right path, but most people don’t train anywhere near enough to be able to efficiently apply their skills when it counts.

Nothing compares to hands on training in harsh conditions. If you can light a fire in the rain when your hands are numb from being wet and cold. You will have a much higher success rate when it comes to lighting one when the weather is perfect. My advice to you guys is to get out and train no matter the conditions. The worse the better, embrace the suck as they say. I promise you will come out a finer tuned survival machine if you train this way.

On top of your general survival skills training the most important aspect to actually surviving will be your physical condition. If you are not fit to fight, how could you possibly maintain for any length of time post collapse or in any other survival situation?

I don’t always have the time to get out in the field and play in the dirt but I do always make it a priority to train as much as I possibly can. Be it training mixed martial arts, or simply going to the gym for a high intensity workout. I know it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m the worlds worst for wanting to devour an entire pizza on a daily basis. The game changer for me was when I started realizing how quickly I would perish on the count of my health alone.

If you can’t run a few miles without passing out, lift heavy ass amounts of weight, and endure the suck of survival chances are you are going to die pretty quick. So it’s vitally important that you are an athletic machine. I personally train MMA and I’m an amateur MMA fighter. I feel like MMA is the best base skill that everyone should start with.

“I don’t only want to own deadly weapons. I want to be a deadly weapon all on my own. That’s why I train – Primal”



When I think about my overall level of skill in anything in life I think about how strong my base is, how good my fundamentals are. When it comes to survival. My personal belief in fundamentals starts with hand to hand QCB tactics. Knowing how to neutralize a threat with my bare hands is the goal. Once I understand that, I move on to improving other skill sets such as close/med range pistol marksmanship, then on to long range rifles, and various other tactics such as bushcraft and survival skills.

I’m not saying do one before the other, or do one over the other. For me personally I like to focus on fundamentals and basics. Once I perfect them I graduate to more complex things. I think everyone should start with a good base and build from that, perfecting everything as they go so they will mold themselves into a deadly survival machine.

Embrace the suck, and love it.

Check out some of our official members doing exactly what i’m talking about all the way in Germany! It was a very nasty day but it didn’t stop them from getting out and doing some recon of their terrain.

I understand not all of us can jump right into it and go hard. It’s actually not smart to do so either. You want to condition your body and build up to high endurance things. Here is a guide to get you from the couch and into active training status. Follow it, and build yourself up.

I also use a very high efficiency muscle enhancement supplement that aids in fast muscle recovery called Extend. This will help you tremendously. It works great for me. Also, it obviously goes without saying your diet is equally as important as your training efforts. Be aware of what you put into your bodies. Feed it quality things if you want to be a quality machine.

Training Workout

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