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Lighting a match has been done wrong for a long time by most people. The last thing you want to do is come down to a survival situation and be down to your last match, and have it break on you. This is the best method for striking a match that I have found. I combine this method with Stormproof Matches and it makes for a better chance of fire and survival.

A smart survivalist will always have a few methods of starting fire. Personally I always carry a good lighter like this Delta Stormproof Lighter, Stormproof Matches, some Wet fireand a Ferro Rod/striker.

The proper way to strike a match:

  1. Hold the match in the traditional way gripped at the end by the thumb and index finger.
  2. Support the head of the match with your middle finger.
  3. Strike the match in a forward pushing motion versus the traditional pulling motion.

This method works very well when it’s cold out, and your hands are numb. It’s a very safe way to strike without fear of it breaking on you. It’s the little tips like this when mastered make your time in the bush much more tolerable.

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