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The Backbone of The Warrior Tribe Is A Training System Called...
What You Will Learn In This Free Briefing:
The 6 Layers of The Primal Method
You will learn our totally unique modern strategy for optimal preparedness that's designed to get you equipped for the highest priority threats to your survival right off the bat. 
How You Can Get Paid To Be Prepared
Not only do we teach you how to properly prepare for life, but we also provide you with all the tools you'll need to accomplish the mission. Including a way to get paid in the process.
How The Tribe Will Improve Your Life
Truly have it all once you master the Warrior way. With our help, you will rise above the limitations that are keeping you from the readiness and results you deserve.
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We must all train to fight our enemies in life as if we were the third monkey trying to make it onto Noah’s Ark. And my friend, it’s starting to rain. . .
From: Ian "Primal" Talbert
Subject: It's Time To Wage War!
Imagine with me... You just got out of the military, and there's a huge void in your life. It was there before you even joined the military. You just didn't realize it.

You miss the camaraderie.
You miss the accountability.
You miss the constant push by like minded people.

You see, there's extreme benefits to being apart of a tribe of like minded people. I found this out the hard way when I got out of the military and no longer had a tribe to rely on.

You don't realize how important it is for your life that you be surrounded by positive action taking people. 
Much like Leonidas and his 300 Spartans...
My friend... If you want to get fit, prepared, empowered, and optimized on every level of your life you need to be surrounded by the kind of people who are on that same mission.
People who embrace the never quit mindset of a Warrior.
So, naturally, when it started to really bother me I began searching far and wide for a group to be apart of (short of re-enlisting in the military).

And after searching for months and months... nothing really fit what I was looking for.

So I asked myself...

"If I am feeling this void...
maybe a lot of others are feeling it too? 
Maybe they don't even realize it, just like me..."

Maybe that's YOU, right now?
Our objective is to enhance your Mindset, Survivability, Health & Fitness, Self Defense Skills, and ultimately improve your level of preparedness, so that you’re capable of handling your enemies effectively. 
Enemies: anything or anyone that tries to stand in the way of your life's mission.
I want to help you get ready for war...
Bad things happen all the time, and it’s only a matter of time before it knocks on your door.

Violence doesn’t care if you’re ready, and neither does life.
  • From Terrorist Attacks
  • To Home Invasions
  • Natural Disasters
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Or Job Loss
We are all preparing for different things, and for different reasons.
We all have different enemies in our lives. I just want to arm you with the knowledge, tools, and mentality to face them and come out on top.

Whatever your mission, and however many enemies you have, we've got your back. That’s why I created The Warrior Tribe. 

Want better health? 

Maybe a better relationship?

What about better finances?

These things are all byproducts of being a member...
When you live the way we live in the tribe your entire life will elevate to the next level!
The Warrior Tribe is exactly what it sounds like... 

It's-a global collective of modern day savages that are not going to accept defeat.

We train, we prepare, and we rely not on the likelihood of the enemy coming, but on our own readiness to receive him. 

The tribe will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to optimize your life in all aspects.
It’s time to wage war, and I want to see you wage it with a tribe of warriors who got your back. 
Ian Talbert
Who is Ian Talbert? The first thing you need to know is that he is unwaveringly passionate about helping people increase their survivability. He's a husband, a father, an infantry veteran, and amateur MMA fighter. 

After "flipping the switch" of his life from reaction to action mode some years ago, he created MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe to fill a void he was experiencing in his own life. It wasn't till after many years of trial and error, and hard work building the operation that he came to realise that many people around the world were experiencing this exact same void.

"I’ve always loved the outdoors, and I’ve always loved business. When I left the military I longed for that sense of brotherhood. So I combined my passions to form M.A.S.K. for the purpose of living the lifestyle I wanted to live. I always wanted to do something that would allow me to train and learn as much as I can educate others. MASK and The Warrior Tribe allow me to do just that. 

Our operation helps people in many different ways. It's that one thing people are missing in their life. It provides the training, the accountability, the motivation, the support system, and the resources it takes for a person to truly optimize their life and enhance their survivability in every aspect. From fitness and health, to survival skills and knowledge for everyday life. I wanted to be apart of something that provided it all, and when I couldn't find it, I decided to create it. "
The Primal Method is a preparedness training system that I created to get people practically prepared for the modern age.  When people wake up to preparedness they often start with their priorities backward!

The Primal Method is designed logically and practically to streamline your preparedness. Which is much more than knowing how to build fires and primitive shelters, it’s much more than having a lot of weapons and gear, it’s much more than having years of food and water storage. 

To be prepared for the modern age... you need to be strategic, and The Primal Method is your blueprint for proper preparedness. 

At the end of the day, none of the gear, none of the skills, none of the plans mean anything if you come home to a life you’re not happy to live, and this is where The Primal Method starts. 

In order for you to truly be be ready to conquer tough times in life, you need to have a solid foundation to build your skills and knowledge, and that’s why we focus on that foundation in layer 1 of the method. 

It's not training, it's a method of training. This entire training system is designed to get you prepared for the highest priority things in life first. Regardless where you get your training from.

Think of it as your preparedness bible. 

A guideline for the Warrior way of life.
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