I’m always looking for ways to be more functional in my training. Doing workouts that translate well into helping me perform better in combatives are ideal. Jump Kicks are one of my favorite workouts to throw into my HIIT circuits.

It’s another plyometric style workout that helps build core stability, while simultaneously improving the muscles I use everyday for kicking in MMA. Because it’s explosive it also helps muster up more fast-twitch muscle fibers which helps in improving my power.

If you want to get fast you should work on fast-twitch fibers with explosive workouts and heavy weights.


STEP 1 – Starting in your fight stance begin to bring your rear knee up explosively. The higher the better for the workout, and will allow your actual kicks to reach higher as well.

STEP 2 – Once you’re airborne you switch your knees while whipping the kick out, and keeping your core tight.

STEP 3 – Keep it fluid as your kick leg falls back down by starting another by bringing the original knee back up and whipping the kick. At this point each jump you do will have a kick in it.

This jump kicks can take a lot out of you so if you have knee issues you can do the simplified version of this exercise which we demonstrate in the video above. Remember, this is more about the workout than it is the kicking technique. So keep a good pace, and stay smooth. You’ll want to keep your hands up otherwise your balance will feel off.

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