Over the years i’ve gotten over many immediate obstacles by the recollection of a carefully crafted Mantra. The sweat, the blood, the sacrifices…it’s all worth it if it results in permanent improvement. Accountability wasn’t always a huge aspect of my life in my earlier years. It’s not a big part of many peoples lives when starting out, and it’s unfortunate because it’s the one variable that makes all the difference between getting results and getting lost.

I was lost for a long time it seemed.

One day I had just finally had enough of getting subpar results, and I made some changes. One of those changes was the implementation of as many accountability sources as possible. From journaling, to people I would call regularly, planning systems, to giving people money if I didn’t perform a specific task I committed to doing. I eventually decided to step into more public shoes and become transparent with my life and create my Primal Life Vlog Series, Preparedness Training, and essentially create videos that would reveal me to the world in many ways.

Stepping into transparency is a hard thing to do but you learn a lot about self development in doing so. It’s uncomfortable. However, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable if you want to evolve. It’s the only way to grow.

mantraI’ve always been fascinated by the way words can make people feel, and the power and strategy related with influencing people. I was focused on learning how to become a powerful influencer for the longest time. There’s a lot that goes into understanding how to influence people to get them to do something you want. There’s some serious strategy involved.

The words you project can persuade people to buy from you, they can be used to filter out undesirable people from your life, they can persuade people to be your friend. The words you project can even destroy a person’s life, or build them back up. Said person could even be you.

For years I got obsessed with it. It was a game to me. Afterall, there’s a lot of ways you can use the power of influence to improve your life. I made a costly mistake though. While in the midst of this influential endeavor I made the mistake of neglecting the influencing I was doing to myself. You see, words are very powerful. With all my focus on speaking the right words to the world, it took my attention away from speaking the right words to myself.

It wasn’t till a few years ago that I changed this part of my life, and man has it changed my reality.

My health got better, my finances improved, my preparedness improved, my relationships became awesome, and ever since I started paying attention to what influences me all these things continue to become optimized. A Mantra, is something I feel every human needs. When I say a carefully crafted Mantra has helped me overcome obstacles, I mean that my mantra in a moment of weakness has held me accountable, and accountability is everything.

My Mantra has taken many forms over the years. It took some experimenting to find something that when I read, it inspired me. Not something that motivated me, but something that inspired me. I already know what my motives are. I’m pretty well motivated with a business, 2 beautiful kids, and wife. It’s my duty to perform and provide for them. I need to be inspired, and so do you. Chances are you already have all the motives you need too.

Having a Mantra doesn’t look like much in the scope of powerful things, and it won’t feel like it either until you craft the one that fits you best. In moments of weakness when i’m training, when i’m fighting, when i’m in an argument, when I feel sick, or when it’s time for me to set an example. My Mantra has helped me stay the course.

“Life Starts Now”

“Civilize The Mind, Make Savage The Body”

These are a couple Mantras i’ve held close over the years, but there’s one that has stuck at the top for me for a long while now.


This Mantra has stuck with me now for so long and has helped me in so many tough times. So much so that I made it the official Mantra of the Warrior Tribe. I hold this mantra close because it came to me in a very pivotal moment in life, and ever since adopting it, it hasn’t stopped leveling me up. To me it simply and universally means that it’s time to wage war in anything worth doing. “Wage”, meaning carry on, and “war”, meaning armed conflict.

I like to use this Mantra metaphorically and apply it to all aspects of life. I want to attack life and it’s obstacles with the same courage, strength, and resiliency that I would wage literal war with.

  • I want to wage war in my fitness.
  • I want to wage war in my business.
  • I want to wage war in my relationship.
  • I want to wage war on my goals.
  • I want to wage war in with my friendships.

All in an effort to become the best version of myself in each of these domains. I want to be a friend people can trust, depend on, and enjoy to be around. I want to be a husband my wife deserves, and the father my kids need. I want to have it all in business and finances so that I can impact this world in a positive way. I want to crush goals everyday I breath. So ask yourself.

What do you want, and what’s your Mantra? Because my friend, “It’s time to wage war”.

Here’s my free optimal performance War Planning system to get you started.

Our objective here is to provide higher caliber resources and information that enhance your preparedness in all aspects. If you’re enjoying the content you get from MASK and want to help support our mission please consider becoming a member of our elite community that we call the Warrior Tribe.

Comprised of those most serious about preparedness, our Tribe will help you take your survivability to the next level through active training, accountability, and advanced resources. Our organization is rapidly growing and we would love to see you become a bigger part of it.


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Author Primal

Owner of MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe. Always ready to wage war!

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  • Timothy Olson says:

    Whenever I read about people who people, soldiers, officers, or anyone else who have gone through a truamtic expirence or something similar, they are labled “the victim”. “A victim of child abuse”, “a victim of ptsd”, etc.
    The lable of “victim” insinuates the defeat of, or one who suffers through.
    I say to Hell with the lable of “victim”.
    Words have power.
    I choose the lable of warrior. Though I may have “suffered” through hard times, I fought through them all until the end. I never quit and I always ended up on top.
    I’m not a victim. I’m a warrior regardless of the battle.
    My montra: never a victim; always a warrior.

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