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Neck Workouts are not something the majority of people think about. I personally never really considered it till I started training in Jiu Jitsu back in the day. Having a strong neck is vital in BJJ and in life in general. There’s a variety of things you can do for neck workouts, but I know many people don’t have a gym or equipment so I decided to share this quick 3 part sequence that we do.

You can do it right now, right from at home, and it’s stupid simple.


Laying flat on your back simply elevate your head off the ground. Don’t rest your head anytime during these neck workouts.

NECK YES  Chin to chest, making the “YES” gesture.

NECK NO  Chin to shoulder, making the “NO” gesture.

NECK IDK  Ear to shoulder, making the “IDK” gesture.

Do these neck workouts daily for about 25 reps in each direction, and repeat 2-3 times if you REALLY want to feel it. If you want to see more Functional Fitness training, be sure to check out our FITSECTOR!

neck workouts

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