The new Neo-Lock Sunglasses from KORE Essentials have honestly just blown me away. I’ve went through probably 67 pair of shades over the years. I’m pretty confident that these will be the last pair I ever own. They’re practically bombproof, aesthetically awesome, and have the coolest feature you’ve ever seen in a pair of sunglasses. I tried to do them justice in this video, but I just don’t think I did. You just have to get them in your hands to feel the Kore differences.

The Neo-Lock Sunglasses currently come in 2 styles. The “Badlands” wrap style, and the “Reckless” wayfarer style. I think they’re working on some milspec balistic variations as we speak too, but those will come later. From my experience with KORE, if you voice your opinion, they’ll listen. The Neo-Lock Sunglasses are a whole new breed. I was sold before I even put them on my head. They just had that “feel”… You know what feeling i’m talking about…

Neo-Lock SunglassesSo, what makes them so special? Well, you know those times when you put your sunglasses on your hat, or in your shirt collar, and you lean over to grab something and off they fall? Sometimes getting scratched and broken? We’ve all had it happen at least a few times. Thankfully, with KORE’s new patented Neo-Lock Sunglasses, you no longer need to worry about that. They’ve implanted neodymium magnets into both of the arms that lock the arms in place when folded, and allow you to clip the shades securely in place to your shirt collar, sleeve, jacket, or a piece of gear. This hasn’t been done before, and they hold the patent for it. So, if you see someone else selling something similar, it’s probably knocked off garbage.


  • Imported Swiss TR90 Polymide lens directly fused with a high-grade Polarizer.
  • Ultra-high transparency, maximum strength.
  • Electron beam fusion process applies high-grade formulations directly onto the lens including;
  • Total UV400 sun protection for your eyes.
  • Smudge Proof, Scratch Resistant, and Anti-Reflective inside
  • Fact: these are some of the best lenses you can get


One thing I really like about KORE, is that they always go the distance. These Neo-Lock Sunglasses also come with a Travel Tube, Visor Strap, and Cleaning Cloth. The Travel Tube is a felt lined case that fits in most car cupholders for easy in-and-0ut storage. The Visor Strap wraps around any sun visor and features two magnets that align with the sunglasses. Just magnetize them to your visor and it doesn’t get any easier. Here’s some more photos from a recent trip to the park with the kids.

Neo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock Sunglasses

Neo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock Sunglasses

Neo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock SunglassesNeo-Lock Sunglasses
Did you know that every year, the World’s largest sunglass brands get about 10% of their revenue from replacement sales? That’s when customers re-buy glasses after they either broke or lost them. We can all relate to that – because we’ve all been there, done that. And those same companies certainly would prefer to keep things just the way they are. But you don’t have to. Now you can get something better and keep it longer.
These Neo-Lock Sunglasses are made to last with bigger hardware, and rigourous testing to ensure they hold up to hard use. They even baked them in 200 degrees fahrenheit, submerged them in saltwater, and compressed them while folded for hours with zero damage. Like I said, bombproof…

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  • John McWayne says:


    Let me tell yeah – I would totally support these glasses if you could put my eye prescription in them and still give me the benefits that these glasses have. Some of us old boys can’t wear standard sun glasses anymore.


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