On-Body Every Day Carry

There have been age-old debates about what one should carry for their EDC or Everyday Carry. Some people simply carry what they use daily – just to get them through the day. Other people, however, put much more thought into their EDC – whether it includes flashlights, firearms, or anything in between. This article starts a series called “What do you EDC?” and this is part 1 – On-Body Every day Carry.

On-body EDC
On-body EDC

Cell Phone – communication and so much more

It’s pretty commonplace for most people to have a cell phone in the digital age in which we live. We live, work, and function with our cell phones. What most people don’t use their phones for would be a possible survival situation. Most cell phones today have built-in modules that allow us to do more with our devices such as signal for help with a flashlight app, navigate home, or read survival documents on the go (for more info please see Cell Phone As a Survival Tool). These small handheld devices are part of our everyday lives therefore should be considered an essential part of our on-body every day carry.

On-body EDC
On-body EDC
On-body EDC

Flashlight – Signaling, Light and Self Defense

A simple flashlight can do wonders for someone who has to traverse down dark roads or alleys to get to their destination. Some people walk to work or other leisure activities and end up in the dark on their way back due to not preparing for the situation they get themselves into. This flashlight is one we have as part of Mask Tactical and The Warrior Tribe. This little beast cranks out 300 lumens of brightness from one single AA battery. It also has low and high modes, as well as a strobe function. The low light option is still fairly bright but if you need to conceal your location for escape and evasion purposes – the low light option will allow reading maps and illuminating your immediate surroundings. The high and strobe functions can ward off would-be attackers by temporarily blinding them to give you time to either counter-attack or escape the situation. No one should consider on-body every day carry without considering a solid flashlight.

On-body EDC knife
On-Body Every Day Carry

Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are a symbol of survival. They can be used to open bags of food, letters, start campfires with a Ferro rod; the uses are endless. A good pocket knife can also mean life or death in the event tragedy strikes. I carry the Ontario RAT Model-1 and have done so for over a year now. This knife goes to work with me to open boxes, or when I am out in the woods training skills; this knife has never let me down. It has nice G-10 handles that still hold a nice grip when either wet or dirty; easily cleaned and also has a solid 4-inch AUS-8 steel flat grind blade that meets most legal standards for a pocket knife. It has a liner lock that is very secure and the blade has a thumb stud that makes the blade easily deploy-able from either left or right-hand positions. My on-body everyday carry has always included a pocket knife, but this one is my favorite by far for my EDC.

On-Body every day carry
On-body EDC multi-tool
on-body every day carry

Multi-Tool – The Gerber Suspension

Most people in the preparedness lifestyle would agree a good multi-tool is a great add to their arsenal. I carry the Gerber Suspension. This tool allows me to have multiple tools at my disposal for almost any scenario. I have access to more than one cutting blade, set of pliers, wire cutting tool, standard and Phillips head screwdrivers, and even a saw blade! If I were looking to ditch weight for my on-body every day carry, I could substitute this in the place of my pocket knife and still come out on top. I highly recommend a good multi-tool for EDC.

on-body every day carry
on-body every day carry

Wallet – The Honorable Mention EDC Essential

The wallet may be the unsung hero of EDC. Most people don’t consider a wallet as a tool – but it is all about mindset. My wallet is a genuine leather wallet with a pocket clip sewn into it. This allows me to have an extra tool at my disposal if I need to strike a Ferro rod or sharpen into a blade if one of my other ones fails me. Inside of the wallet would be my ID, a couple of credit cards – and a Fresnel lens. This particular tool fits perfectly in the wallet and allows me to use sunlight to start a fire. It’s about the size of a credit card and weighs nothing so it’s a good fit for on-body every day carry.

No matter what you choose for your EDC – make sure it fits your needs for work, leisure, and for the unexpected survival situation. You never know what may come up – so be as prepared as possible.

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