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Enough Is Enough
Isn't It Time You Got More?
  • More: Freedom
  • More: Effectiveness
  • More: Results For Your Life
Build The Foundation You Need For Modern Day Preparedness
No Amount of Prepping, Self-Defense Training or Survival Skills Make A Difference If You Come Home At The End of The Day to A Life You Hate Living, and Results You're Unhappy With. That's Why Layer 1 of The Primal Method Teaches You How To Truly Square 'Life' Away, So You Can Be An Effectively Prepared Person.

  • Build Systems In Your Life To Support Your Goals
  • Destroy Self Doubt & Get Clarity On Your Vision
  • Unlock Extreme Productivity, Focus, and Energy
  • Learn How To Do 10x More Than Everyone ElseIn 1/2 The Time
  • Learn How To Improve Your Health, Relationships, & Finances
  • Create An Advanced War Plan For Every Aspect of Your Life
  • Discover Your True Identity & Limitation Breakthrough Tactics
  • And Much More. . . Just Read Below.
Here's what some of them had to say about it...
- Clint Buchanan -
"Operation Optimize has truly changed the way I deal my day. Being a husband, father, facilities manager, musician and having two small businesses my days were shot. I couldn’t keep track of anything. I was missing appointments and meetings, forgetting to pick up medicine from the store. Operation Optimize really helped me prioritize my day and week. Using the apps and the system to lay out your day, week, and the year is awesome. My brain is clearer and I have more time in the day. I’m sleeping better too!

Ian has put a lot of thought and heart into this program. There is something to take from each module. It hits all aspects of life. The nutrition module alone will change your world if you follow it. I have lost 30+ pounds and kept them off. I’m no longer on blood pressure medicine or statins. My energy levels are through the roof. I’m in better shape now at 49 than I was at 20. If you’re on the fence about Operation Optimize just do it! You won’t regret it!" - Clint Buchanan
- David Gray -
"I told myself, if I could foot the bill for the course, I wouldn’t look back. Sure enough, it came time for me to pay up – and I said to myself “Time to see what this is all about”. 

Out of the gate the program smacks you with the ability to change your entire outlook on life, business, relationships, everything! My health goals are on track – relationships are consistently getting better – finances are making a solid comeback – and I thank Ian Talbert – MASK Tactical – The Warrior Tribe and especially Operation Optimize for the training, transformation of my mindset, abilities, and making me a better person for this crazy world we live in.

Everyone is looking for something – be the something that they are looking for! Be a friend – Be AUTHENTIC – be GENUINE – be a WARRIOR in all aspects of life!" - David "Swordfish" Gray
My friend... There's no BS... There's no fluff... Just real, raw, effective tactics and strategies that will help you break free from the societal "suck" if you're struggling,  or give you the edge you need to reach the next level. 

Whether you're broken and stuck, or a high performing millionaire. This course has the keys you need to unlock the doors that stand before you. 

Operation Optimize
is going to cover the things you need to have squared away in life before you start adding in all the real skill building. 

Things to help you get your mind, body, and spirit in the right flow zone to "optimize" your lifestyle. 

Once you're optimized, you can build from there, but if your life isn't optimized, it becomes chaos and fog with no real direction.

Operation Optimize will give you the clarity you need surrounding your life so that you can see clearly to develop the foundation of skills you need to ensure survival

It will help you reach the highest readiness levels you can in life, business, fitness, or preparedness. - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2018
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