My EDC is always evolving and i’m always testing packs of all types. For the past 3 weeks i’ve been fielding the Outlaw Sling Pack by 3V Gear and it’s be a phenomenal pack for EDC (Every Day Carry). It’s got a lifetime warranty, and it’s made from 600D fabric. This newly redesigned model also accommodates a concealed carry sleeve between the back and the main compartment. Utilizing the 3V Gear Shadow Shot Holster you can easily carry your CCW in the pack.

It’s design makes it easy to access all the compartments while in a slung position. Allowing you to get into any pocket without having to actually take the pack off, which is a plus in my book. It’s got plenty of pockets and organization features to help you keep your EDC squared away nicely. I also personally think the embossed branding and slogan on the back pad adds a unique touch that i’ve never seen in any other packs.

EDC - Outlaw Sling Pack

EDC - Outlaw Sling Pack

It’s got plenty of molle/pals webbing which makes for a good place for carabiners and tactical pens, and it even has a water bottle pouch on the side. There’s really not much, if anything i’d seek to change about the design. For the price, you really can’t beat it, or argue about it. In the main compartment it features a zipper pocket, and two sleeves that you can use to secure books, or laptops. I stuck my 13″ Macbook Air in it no problem.

Sling Packs are great for EDC but something you’ll want to consider is the size of the sling pack you go with. I’ve used a handful over the years from large to small. The Outlaw comes in at about a mid range size. Anything bigger than this for me and I personally don’t like it. The problem with bigger sling packs (or heavy loaded sling packs in general) is that they can wear out the shoulder you’re carrying them on as the weight is not evenly distributed on your back with this kind of design.

So in my opinion. If you’re going to be carrying for a long period of time with one, you want to pack light, or not use a sling pack at all. Go with a 2 strap pack otherwise you’re not going to enjoy it. I recently took the Outlaw out for a little adventure with fam and friends for roughly 2 hours and carried the pack the whole time. It wasn’t terrible, but after an hour and a half I had to start adjusting from one shoulder to the other about every 10 minutes or so. This is longer than what I achieved with a lot of other sling packs. Also bare in mind my Outlaw is rather loaded down. So if you’re packing light, it will be just fine.

It’s perfect for a day to day EDC pack, but if you’re going to wear it for longer durations such as 2+ hours I would suggest going with something 2 strapped. 3V Gear has a bunch of budget minded options for that too! Generally though, for EDC i’m only throwing it on to transition from my vehicle to the house, or another building. So It’s never really carried long unless we go on a little mini day vacation or something like that. Normally for multi-day trips i’ll also bring my TAD Fastpack EDC bag for that.

EDC - Outlaw Sling PackEDC - Outlaw Sling PackEDC - Outlaw Sling PackEDC - Outlaw Sling PackEDC - Outlaw Sling PackEDC - Outlaw Sling Pack

Here’s a list of all my EDC items

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