The “Pipit”

When it comes to knives a quality Hand Forged Knife is hard to beat. The Pipit from Jinja Ninja Outdoors is a prime example of a quality Hand Forged Knife. The reason I prefer a Hand Forged Knife boils down to superior quality and craftsmanship, plain and simple. There’s thousands of knives out there but when it comes down to it for me I go to great lengths to ensure that the blades I carry are going to do the jobs they’re meant to do without being worried about them breaking, or failing me in a crucial time of need.

I make this happen “almost” regardless of the price because a knife is a tool that supports my life. A tool that can save my life, as well as make it more productive. So I don’t care to save and spend the money (within reason) on a quality Hand Forged Knife.

Hand Forged Knife

It also helps that a quality Hand Forged Knife, depending on the maker, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things there is. The Pipit here is a solid example of that. The amount of work and attention to detail that goes into crafting a Hand Forged Knife is something to admire. It’s an art really, and quality bladesmiths are a rare thing to find today. It’s not like there’s a blacksmith shop in every city anymore.

There’s been a surge of up and comers recently with a lot of new shows like Forged In Fire though. I actually recently even took a trip to see Robby at Iron Mountain Metalcraft in Pigeon Forge TN to experience what it’s like to craft my very own Hand Forged Knife first hand. The owner of the shop was actually on this TV show recently. It was a very fun experience and pretty much led me to conclude that I wanted to get into the trade as a hobby in the near future.


There’s just something amazing about crafting something with your hands. I think everyone needs to do it occasionally. Whether it’s a Hand Forged Knife or a rocking chair. The world is your oyster.

Hand Forged Knife

So here’s the specs on the Pipit.

  • Hand forged from a Heller rasp(1095)
  • Differentially heat treated
  • Etched hamon line
  • 3 1/4″ Blade
  • 4″ Handle
  • Forged integral guard
  • Padauk wood scales
  • Steel Pins
  • Flat Grind

Overall this thing is super sharp and because of the differentially heat treated blade it makes the edge retention superb. After all the abuse I put it through it cleaned up perfectly like I hadn’t even done any work with it at all. Worked great for feather sticking, batoning small stuff, carving notches for traps, and i’m going to try my hand at carving a spoon with it soon too.

Hand Forged KnifeHand Forged Knife

Overall I really enjoyed doing this review and I really enjoy the knife. A huge shout out to Sam Farnworth at Jinja Ninja Outdoors for hooking me up with it to review it for you guys. This was my first official knife review believe it or not. I mention why i’ve waited so long to start reviewing knives in the video up top.

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