Welcome to the first ever Primal Hour Podcast! In this episode we talk about the beginning stages and how we came to be what we are today. Ian “Primal” Talbert, the owner of MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe shares his thoughts on Warrior Culture, Mindset, Survival, Bushcraft, and all things preparedness. From prepping to self defense, fitness, and gear talk. If it’s related to being a prepared or optimized individual it will be talked about on this show.

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Author Primal

Owner of MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe. Always ready to wage war!

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  • Timothy Olson says:

    Just finished listening to this and i noticed A lot of similarities. My life in highschool was extremely similar. I ditched a lot of school. Had a lot of issues growing up in my house hold. A lot of drug abuse and alcoholism from my parents. I steered away from it all. I had my first drink at 22 years old. Throughout highschool I got a lot of shit. I dated the wrong girl early on who said a lot of lies about me that spread and only escalated. I got into a fight every other day. Mind you this was north of Chicago and south of Milwaukee. One of the biggest drug trafficking routes in the country.

    I eventually graduated on my 5th year of highschool, second to last in my class. I was always told how worthless I am. My parents made it perfectly clear that i will be a failure. They would express I have no future or direction.

    My friend Andrew enlisted out of highschool. I had thought about enlisting all through highschool. I never made the leap however. I wanted to serve but I was scared. I had a low opinion of myself; I didn’t think I could be strong enough for the military. My friend Andrew was killed in Afghanistan by fratricide of all things. I joined the national guard (thinking it was active/ I thought “national guard” was a motto and not a branch). I began dating a girl I had a crush on my entire life; a few months later she killed herself. Immediately after that I went active with the infantry.

    I went to rasp. Failed out at the end. Went to the 82nd attached to a cav unit as a RSTA/LRRP unit. Quickly found my way into the sniper section. Got promoted above my peers and took over a team within the first two years. Went to ranger school, psd school, air assault, rslc, wlc, and some others I cannot recall at this moment.

    My drinking got out of control. I was spending every check I made on alcohol. I would find the gnarliest dude I could and start a fight. I would trash bars and just wreck all kinds of havoc. I got hammered and climbed a slow-moving train and passed out on the roof one time. I got naked and went into a bar with a pool stick and smashed all the bottles behind the bar. I was out of control. I was hoping to either die in training or deployed. I had a death wish. I went to selection, got selected, got in a fist fight and kicked out of the q course.

    Then I met my wife by chance. From the moment I met her I was all in. I proposed on the first date and married her within that year. She calmed a lot of my demons. Not saying they are gone but they are a little quieter now. I still drink but I don’t get drunk. And when I do drink, I stay home. I left the army and my death wish behind. I became a police officer and loved it.

    I Know my goals I just lack the intestinal fortitude to muster the energy needed. When I saw this war planner I fell in love with this concept. I began exploring more and more of this program and I feel like this is the kick in the dick I need.

    • Primal says:

      Our fucked up pasts turn into great power in our future. Looking back on what you’ve been through I would say that intestinal fortitude is the last thing you lack brother. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. What you’ve lacked is this tribe and the things it provides. Accountability and like minds on the same path of honesty with determination to be prepared.

      Happy to have you here my brother. Be all in it and I promise you will reap many benefits.
      – Primal

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