NEW BOOK: From The Creator of MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe, Ian "Primal" Talbert!


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been hit very hard and this process has been prolonged more than we expected. The new estimated launch date is now listed below. We aim to hit this mark and are working hard to ensure we do.


Current Estimated Launch Date: 10/31/20

(Subject To Change, Supporters Will Be Kept Informed Every Step Of The Way!)

My Plan Is To Begin Shipping Books On The Launch Date, Which Is Subject To Change. I Appreciate Your 
Patience & That's Why I have Decided To Stack On A Bunch Of FREE Bonuses , Some Of Which You Will Get 
Immediate Access To As A Way To Say Thank You For Your Support.


A Strategic Approach To Preparedness For The Modern Age

"Everything You Need To Know To Get Further Faster In Life, And Go From Average To Savage In Your Preparedness. Without Having To Navigate The Traditional Rivers Of Bullsh!t, And Get Paid In The Process!"

(When The Book Launches)

Here's What You'll Get!

  • 1 Physical Book: The Primal Method - Signed & Shipped by Ian Personally
  • FREE: Digital Audiobook Version Read By Ian Himself - (31.99 Value!)
  • ​FREE: Digital E-Book Version
  • FREE: Access To "The War Plan" - ($47 Value!)
  • FREE: 14 Day Trial Membership To The Warrior Tribe (Optional) 
  • FREE: Bill Manager Tool - ($17 Value!)
  • FREE: Shipping & Handling

More info on all these bonuses below!


I make no promises about what this book, our tribe, or our training programs can do for your life. Results require action and so the only thing I can guarantee you is this... If you don't take action, this will not help you. However, if you can commit to implementing the things you'll learn in this book, it can dramatically change your life. My only guarantee to you is that without action, you will fail. Don't pull the trigger and buy this without full commitment to action. Otherwise, it will sit on your shelf and you will stay where you are. Deal?

Here's Your FREE Bonuses!

The Audiobook Version

The audiobook will be narrated by Ian himself in order to deliver it in the most impactful way possible. The audiobook will release shortly after the book is officially published, and you will be sent the audio file directly and for free as an early supporter.

Shipping & Handling

 Yep! I'll even be paying for 100% of the shipping and handling costs so you don't have to. (USA only)

The E-Book Version

I know not everyone likes physical books, and not everyone likes audio. So, for those who prefer to use e-readers, we will also be publishing an e-book version in parallel to the physical book launch, and you will get this sent to you for free as well once the official book is published.

The War Planning System

Life is a battlefield and the best way to live it is with a solid War Plan. An optimized strategy for effectively accomplishing your objectives and dreams. Think of it as goal setting and life management on steroids. This system will help you eliminate brain fog, and create a clear path of action for your future, and I want you to have the training and planners for FREE. There are 3 interactive planners you will be able to download, and it comes with a 25 minute training video on how to properly use them.

14 Day Trial Membership

Along with this book, you will also be offered the option to activate a 14 day free trial membership to our Warrior Tribe. You'll be learning more about the Tribe in The Primal Method book, and it's the next step for progress when you finish. If you accept this free bonus at checkout, you will be billed normal monthly membership dues after the trial expires. You are allowed to cancel your membership at any time should you believe it's not the right fit for you. We don't do contracts. If you don't absolutely love what we provide, you're free to leave at anytime. After your trial is over, and if you choose to stay, you will be shipped a welcome kit that comes with EVEN MORE FREE Bonuses!

The Bill Manager Tool

Another free bonus you're going to get access to is a tool that I created called The Bill Manager. After years of working with people helping them better their lives and get them more prepared, one of the biggest foundational challenges I discovered that was consistent with most people is that they didn't have an effective way to manage their money. I am a solutions kind of guy so, naturally, I created one and I'd like to give you access to it completely free.

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