I’ll be damned if KORE Essentials hasn’t gone and done it again. They destroyed the game with their fashion style Neo-Lock Sunglasses, and now they upped the bar once more with their all-new Ballistic Recon Sunglasses. Building upon the same badlands design from the fashion series, they’ve upgraded the lenses. Now we have an awesome pair of shades that are suitable for the range!

It’s funny, after reviewing the fashion lineup originally, I told them “You guys have got to create a ballistic variation of these” and here we are, not even a year later. Ballistic Sunglasses are a must-have when on the range. It’s vital to protect the eyes… Once they’re gone it’s hard to get them back. So let’s dive into these Ballistic Recon Sunglasses and talk specs.

ballistic sunglasses


These things are stout. They have 25% larger hardware than most traditional shades and they feel like a tank. They’re not remotely uncomfortable though. They’ve got that overbuilt feeling that I just love because it’s hard to find these days. The frames are made of a TR90 NZZ High-Density Polymide for impact resistance. They baked them at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, submerged them in saltwater, and compressed the shit out of them while folded for hours and hours and they maintained their integrity.

The Lenses

The new and improved lenses for these Recon Sunglasses are made up of PCPL High Impact with Polarization. They provide total UVA and UVB sun protection. They’re also scratch-resistant, smudge-proof, anti-reflective inside, and are resistant to saltwater for you beach boys. They’re rated at MIL-PRF-32432A Class 1 and ANSI Z87 S. This means they’re ideal for soldiers in harm’s way, the shooting range, work safety glasses, or just around town as a precaution.

Oh, and they were fired at using a T37 shaped fragment projectile from 700-725 ft/sec.

ballistic sunglasses

What Does Neo-Lock Mean?

This is the coolest feature of all… They placed Neodymium magnets into the arms. Allowing a secure “lock” when the arms are folded shut. This gives you some really awesome storage options. You can rest easy with them clipped to your shirt or magnetized to their included magnetic sun visor strap. Alternatively, you can throw them into the felt-lined cup holder travel tube. Even the accessories for these Ballistic Sunglasses are on another level.

Something else interesting to note is that, apparently, every year the world’s largest sunglass brands get about 10% of their revenue from replacement sales. That’s when customers re-buy glasses after they lose or break them. I’m sure you can relate to that, we’ve all been there. Those companies would rather keep it this way, but you don’t have to. It sucks having to buy new shades all the time, and now, with these Recon Sunglasses, you can get something even better and keep it way longer being the secure nature of the magnetic and overbuilt design.

Check them out for yourself, only at KORE Essentials.

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