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Theft prevention is a pretty big deal today. As we grow further into the digital world it becomes more important to keep your information secure. Credit fraud is always a potential threat, especially if you’re unprepared. Card skimmers and scanners allow criminals to steal your credit information with the click of a button without your cards even leaving your pockets. That’s why I opt for an RFID Wallet such as this Slim Hybrid RFID wallet from KORE Essentials.

RFID Wallets have grown in popularity over the last few years and there’s certainly a few options out there. I like running this RFID Wallet from KORE because it’s good for business attire, as well as casual wear. It’s not super rugged, or packed with storage features. It’s simplistic, modular, and sleek.

RFID WalletIt features premium cowhide leather and a carbon fiber money clip that is removeable. This allows you to roll with the clip only, or combine them both for extra storage. I also found that you could use the back side of the carbon fiber clip to conceal some Escape and Evasion or Survival tools.


This innovative, men’s leather wallet offers a built-in, removable, carbon fiber money clip. Wallet is handcrafted using Full-Grain leather (the best grade of cowhide) for durability, comfort and style. A smart Pull Tab allows you to instantly access up to 8 credit cards in a flash, without having to dig. This pull tab is outside the pocket itself, so it never gets in the way. This product is Patent Pending.

The center credit card pocket (holds up to 8 cards) is completely lined with our certified RFID Blocking material.  It’s stops all unwanted smart chip scanning (a chip found on most new credit cards) and therefore keep your credit cards safe from unwanted scanning identity theft.  Without this feature, individuals using a handheld card scanners can gather your credit card information, while your wallet is still in your pocket, just by being in the vicinity.

Constructed of military-grade Carbon Fiber, is as strong as steel and lighter than plastic. It’s integrated but removable, sliding in and out of the wallet easily. It can be used with, or without the wallet, for those times when all you need some cash and a few credit cards. Designed to carry from 1 to 20 bills (folded in half). Most magnetic money clips fail to function at 8-10 bills.

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