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learn the no-bullshIt approach to meeting your fitness goals, whatever they may be.
Here at MASK Tactical, we base our preparedness training around the Primal Method. In layer 1 of the Primal Method we made your mind savage, and now, in layer 2, the goal is to make your body savage. We wanted to provide a real solution for you so we teamed up with Eddie and as it turns out, he has a method of his own.
Owner | Savage Method
"The fitness world is filled with gimmicks and fads that come around as often and as fast as they disappear. The myths and misconceptions haunt not only the person just starting their fitness journey but also the person with years of gym or competition experience.

The market is inundated with people telling you 100 different ways to reach your goal and somehow all of them claim that it’s also the best way. The truth of it is that simplicity beats trying to reinvent the wheel. All of these fads and gimmicks play on people’s attraction to the new. They make big promises but deliver small results. Most of them do way more harm than good and leave a person feeling more frustrated and confused than they were before."
Our mission is to lead clients to their goals and teach them the process along the way. We want to show my clients how truly simple all of this should be. We want to not only help you reach your goal but teach you how to maintain your physique and condition once you reach it, long term.
So What exactly is the Savage Method?
The parameters of the plan are very simple. The human body hasn’t changed much in thousands of years and while science does progress there are far too many people out there trying to completely reinvent the wheel. This approach can be used for anybody from the general fitness enthusiast to the competitive athlete. It varies in certain details based on goals and individual response to certain aspects but overrall doesn’t deviate much from the basic parameters.

Having someone who understands the way the body works and responds throughout the plan is crucial. The way the plan is structured gives a lot of versatility and knowing how to apply it is very important. This is where a coach comes in.

Outlined below is a brief overview of why things are done a certain way and hopefully while reading will dispel some myths.
The Importance of Adequate Protein Intake
An individual’s daily protein requirements vary based on lifestyle, lean body mass, and personal goals. The commonality is with the protein intake of the general population is it is usually too low. Protein is important for tissue repair, maintenance/growth of lean mass, many metabolic functions, and as something very important for our purposes, healthy metabolic rate. When dealing with performance nutrition or any type of plan to optimize body composition, protein is the base of the meal plan. Protein is metabolically expensive which means it requires more energy to be digested and absorbed than the other macronutrients. At the same time it is not an efficient source of energy. This means higher protein intake serves to enhance or maintain healthy metabolic rate, especially when running at a caloric deficit.

Example: I had a 210lb athlete come to me already on a structured meal plan. His daily intake was 300g carbohydrates, 80g fat, and 200g protein. By changing nothing besides adding 150g protein (+600 calories from protein) there was a 4.5lb weight loss in 7 days as the body adjusted to the change.
Healthy Metabolic Rate
When following a meal plan to lose body fat one of the biggest pitfalls is eating too little. It seems counterintuitive to eat a lot when trying to shed weight. When beginning a program the goal is to have the highest intake possible while still losing body fat. Starvation diets don’t work because the body quickly adjusts to the overly restricted intake in an effort to preserve energy by slowing metabolic rate and holding onto fat. Along with this the body also begins to catabolize, or breakdown, lean muscle tissue to further slow metabolic rate and make up for what is lacking in daily intake. There is rapid weight loss, primarily from water with a mix of fat and lean tissue, and once the body reaches a sort of equilibrium a plateau is hit. Since food intake is already low you don’t have the option to lower intake further and are left frustrated trying to do tons of cardio while still making no progress. Simply put, if the body doesn’t get what it needs to function properly it will not cooperate.

Another problem is steady linear decreases in food intake as the diet progresses. The body is extremely efficient when it comes to adaptation and adjustment to any stressor including caloric deficits. By cycling intake low to high throughout the week the body doesn’t adjust as quickly which keeps metabolic rate and food intake higher throughout the plan. This translates to less hunger, higher metabolic rate, more lean tissue built or maintained, and overall less suffering for the individual.
The Carbohydrate VS. Fat Question
There is a myth that carbohydrate intake should be low when trying to lose fat. Assuming the low carbohydrate intake is compensated for by increasing fat intake (the other case is a low fat/low carb diet also known as a “starvation diet”) we will focus on why this isn’t optimal. Many studies show that if two individuals, with all other variables being controlled, intake the same amount of calories but one primarily from carbs and the other from fat, the one with the higher fat diet will carry significantly more fat over time. The reason for this is simple. Carbohydrates (glucose) can be used and stored in more places more readily than fat can, as far as places we would like excess energy used and stored. De Novo Lipogenesis or creation of fat from nonfat sources (glucose to body fat) is actually a fairly inefficient process meaning carbohydrates are not as readily stored in fat tissue when compared to fat.
Training Set Up in Conjunction with Meal Planning
When setting up a training plan in conjunction with a meal plan the simple goal is starting with the highest intake of food possible with the lowest amount of energy expenditure. This means someone starting in the gym would start slowly with maybe 3 days at an hour each. A half hour of weight training and a half hour of cardio. The reason I make a point to say this is too many people start right away with lifting plus an hour of cardio. The problem with this is it doesn’t give you room to adjust since time exercising is already so high. You always want to start slow, while making progress, and give yourself room for small incremental changes as the program progresses. For a competitor preparing for a contest they are usually already lifting intensely so the changes we make will be small cardio changes throughout the plan. The key is always to start low and give yourself room to adjust.
The Coaching Program
The most popular plan is the combined custom coaching program. It is a completely customized meal plan and training program. We have a weekly check in to assess progress and make any needed adjustments to training, diet, and cardio.

The training program changes bi-weekly or monthly depending on the client. This plan is perfect for any physique competition prep (bikini, physique, bodybuilding etc.) and also perfect for someone just looking to get in better shape.

Whatever your goals are we work together to reach them. When signed up as a client you will have full access to me via phone/text/email during the week for any help you may need.
Eddie's coaching normally sells for $250+ a month, however, through our alliance partnership, we have convinced him to offer special pricing plans exclusively for you.
Act fast, and dive in so we can keep getting these crazy discounts! 
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