The first thing you should know about me is I’m first a husband, father, and grandfather. I’ve been married 30 years with 2 grown children. Being a grandpa is a new adventure that started in June 2019. I work as a General Contractor for a company in Dallas and part-time as a ranch hand on a cutting horse ranch. Growing up in a semi-rural town in North Texas I was out in the creeks and woods all around my house doing bushcraft before it was a household word.

I became serious about the outdoors when I started taking classes at the Pathfinder School. Once I patched out of their program I moved on to Campcraft Outdoors and enrolled in their Instructor training program. I’ve instructed at several schools in the North Texas area and currently teach at the DFW Adventure Park Survival School. Besides the outdoors, I also have 13 years of martial arts including BJJ, Krav Maga, and ShinToshi. I also am a current technician Ham Radio Operator, an avid kayak fisherman, and archery connoisseur.