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So, an update on our massive advertising campaign that we launched. If you are not aware of it, get up to speed by going a couple SITREPS back.

A long time ago I decided to commit to a mission of transparency on the idea that transparency would help hold us accountable to our goals. As of this past weekend, that has proven to be true as we just officially broke our first milestone. While as a whole we had broken this milestone for quite a while ago between all of our membership levels combined. However, our milestones (goals) are based on Delta (monthly) memberships alone, as it is our core plan and most important metric for us to grow.

So, here we are, almost at the end of month 2 of our ads campaign.  We hit our goal 5 days sooner than we had set out for. So far so good, right? Right, but… It’s been rough as hell to keep up. This is in no way a complaint though. These are indeed great “problems” to have. Everything is working. It’s REALLY working. It’s REALLY expensive and hard on us…but it’s working. With this insane influx of members (175+ in the last 50 days) it’s a real challenge to keep up with it, especially with me still being a 1 man show here, but I am managing and we will be just fine. We get asked a lot by our members, “What can I do to help?”, and honestly, what we need most right now is active participation.

Dive into everything we offer and go all in. Besides that, all I ask from you for help is your patience and understanding as we proceed through these growing pains. So, with all this awesome news said, we are now setting our heading for milestone #2. Once we get to that point that’s when things start seriously and dramatically changing for us (this means you too), but let me tell you a little more about what is going to happen now that we have accomplished milestone #1.

So, now that we have passed our first milestone this means some pretty important things are about to happen very soon. As you all know (If you have been here a while) I don’t only run MASK Tactical. I also run a media company, and I am a Real Estate Agent. Till now, I have had to hold these other businesses down because they are what has paid the bills to keep this operation alive as I built it up from ground zero. The journey to a sustainable business isn’t always quick. Especially in my case when I started it with nothing and no help. Literally, I started MASK with pennies to my name and peanuts for resources.

Now that we have passed this milestone, it means I can finally start scaling back from those other businesses and re-position that time into MASK. Very basically speaking, MASK Tactical is now about to be my primary focus, instead of a side hustle, and it’s all thanks to our amazing members who have supported this vision of mine since the beginning. If not for you guys, this would not have happened. I vow to continue pouring every ounce of my soul into our mission here because I owe that to you guys and I am super fucking excited to finally be at the point that I can now confidently call this a serious business, and not only that but my career.

You see, I have a goal to be 10x more prepared than anyone I encounter. In order for that to happen, I have to train 10x as hard/often. You an I both know this isn’t possible with a normal 9-5. So I knew that if I wanted this to become a reality for me, my career would have to revolve around preparedness. This is just one of the many driving forces behind why I created MASK Tactical and the Warrior Tribe.

Our tribe is winning, and we are rapidly growing at over 100 members a month right now. We don’t count on stopping or slowing this momentum anytime soon. From this growth will come amazing things that will benefit every single one of you. Even those of you reading this who may not yet be a tribe member.


  • Milestone #1 – COMPLETED
  • New Tribe Shirts – COMPLETED (VIEW HERE)
  • Operation Optimize – COMPLETED (ENROLL NOW)
  • MASK Re-brand – COMPLETED
  • Official Training Page – COMPLETED (VIEW HERE)
  • The Primal Method Diagram – COMPLETED (VIEW HERE)
  • Tribe Division Map Directory – COMPLETED (VIEW HERE)


  • The Primal Method Book – This book will be the foundation of all that we are here. I aim for it to be the foundation of preparedness for many people. You can see the outline of The Primal Method here on our training page. I am currently working on writing the book. I had originally intended to have it finished and ready to publish before the end of 2018 but it’s looking like that’s definitely out of the picture at this point as I am just too slammed with layer 2 training development, and simply keeping up with our growth. As soon as I get a little more on top of things I will have more time to devote to writing this book. My goal is to now have it done in early 2019.
  • Layer 2 of The Primal Method – We have officially begun the development and testing phases of our first Layer 2 training course. We have partnered with Savage Athletics to create some super powerful fitness resources and training programs for you guys. I am personally being the guinea pig for our what our program will be as we speak. We are unsure of how long this development process will take, but we aim to start producing some layer 2 resources for you guys before this year ends and you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of them. Nutrition, workouts, accountability, the whole 9. We are going to help you savagize your body.
  • Tribe Phone App – I’m always trying to enhance your tribe membership at little to no extra costs to you. One of the things we will be working on in 2018 is a phone application that will place everything you need right in one place. Video Training, INTELSECTOR archives, and more. The app will start off pretty basic, but as we get more app development resources and knowledge to fuel it, it will become the home for all things tribe related. We will still utilize FB groups, but a secure app with chat rooms, forums, training challenge leaderboards, and much more is the goal. We are going to gamify the preparedness process with this and give you everything you need in one easy to use app. 1.0 development will begin in late 2018 and 2.0 will begin sometime in 2019.
  • New Divisions Opening Up – With our rapid growth, we will soon start aiming to open up some new tribe divisions for various areas. If you are interested in leading one make sure you let us know!


  • WFA’s (Warrior Fitness Assessments) – The Alpha and Savage level tests are under construction. It will take a little time and testing as these tests will be completely different from our two base level tests. They will be different, and much more difficult. We’re aiming to bring these to life within the first half of 2019 as training & product development is currently taking priority. For now, you can take the two tests we currently provide here. In 2019 we plan to start awarding challenge coins or patches for completion of a WFA.
  • Launching Black Sector – Black Sector is an “upper echelon” division of the Tribe. Invitation only with a thorough vetting process and higher standards. It will have some one-time costs associated with it if you are invited into it, choose to accept and pass the vetting process. A good way to look at Black Sector is that it will be to us what SF is to the military. It will consist of only our most elite Warriors. We are aiming to launch Black Sector sometime early in 2019.


  • Vertx Gammut EDC Pack
  • Kershaw Shuffle 2
  • TAD Shagmaster Hoodie
  • Mira Saftey Gas Masks
  • Hydration Packs
  • Jumper Threads Action Jacket

That’s it for now guys. There’s always obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes of which I try to touch on in vlogs, posts inside the tribe, or other videos and such. So try to stay up to speed!

As always, what’s your SITREP?

Our objective here is to provide higher caliber resources and information that enhance your preparedness in all aspects. If you’re enjoying the content you get from MASK and want to help support our mission please consider becoming a member of our elite community that we call the Warrior Tribe.

Comprised of those most serious about preparedness, our Tribe will help you take your survivability to the next level through active training, accountability, and advanced resources. Our organization is rapidly growing and we would love to see you become a bigger part of it.


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