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If you missed the last SITREP be sure to read it first here.

So, gang, it’s been a hot minute since the last report. We’ve been insanely focused on a lot of internal projects. Improving our infrastructure and whatnot. We’ve been through a ton of challenges these past two years. I mean, this entire operation has been one Astro-massive challenge since day 1, but even more so these past couple years. I wanted to open up a bit about some of these challenges in this report. Some of this information is going to be privileged to tribe members only though.

So about a little over a year ago, we took a huge risk financially for this operation. We decided to do our first big push with advertising and we hired an agency to help us with this mission. We spent over $15,000 in 3 months. Now, 15k isn’t that huge when it comes to business, but this entire business has been completely bootstrapped for over 10 years now. I started with nothing whatsoever. Barely even the know-how to get it done. Nonetheless, though, this was a big play for us. A risky one… the biggest we had ever done in fact to date, and guess what… We’re about to do it all again pretty soon…

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Yes, we’re going to do it again, but this time, much more strategically. The short story of it all is that I went big and failed. It was paying off at first and would have paid off overall but I made some critical errors in timing that ultimately lead to failure. However, this failure lead me to discover some big voids in our operation, and ever since I have been creating solutions to fill the voids and make sure the problems we faced then won’t happen again.

If you’ve been with us a while, you’ve witnessed these voids being filled in real-time. Before we talk about the solutions though, I want to explain what happened… So, when we did our last ads run. We killed it. I mean literally, we were bringing in 100-120 members a month on average and we did that for 3 straight months. The way we financed these ads was by leveraging my own personal credit. I had 15k to leverage and the goal was to take the profits we were making on the ads and pay off our credit lines on a monthly basis to keep our ads running. With a 30 day free trial at the time, it meant we had to wait a month to get paid on any new business, and there was always a certain percentage of fall off to account for too. So our funds were delayed. I knew and calculated for this though. I figured it would take us roughly 4 months to start breaking even where we could make enough to pay the credit off and keep the ads going virtually indefinitely.

I wasn’t wrong about this either. The numbers were just as I had calculated. So, all in all, this was a great move. Everything was going perfect until the end of month 3. I made the mistake of taking some of that credit and spending it on critical camera equipment that we needed to produce our content. We could have waited for it, but I got scared and impatient and jumped the gun. The camera gear was a phenomenal and necessary investment, it was just very poorly timed. Had we have put that $3,500 towards the ads and agency costs instead, we would have made it into the black and we’d have been able to pay off the credit lines and keep the train rolling no problem.

The reason we needed to pay off the credit lines so fast was because of interest. Leveraging credit this way is a huge risk because of that. So, at this point, we had to cut the campaign off.  We went from bringing in more members than we could physically even manage, to basically smacking into a brick wall. Our organic growth is good, but nothing in comparison to what it’s like when traffic is flowing like it can with ads. So at this point, I spend the next year trying to recover from this as I slowly watch our numbers dwindle from the 300’s down to just over 100 active members today.  This is was a really hard pill to swallow and a lot of money lost as it’s well over 15k today due to the interest. HOWEVER, we have survived. We have persevered and are slowly overcoming and climbing back up.

You see, this failure led to the discovery of our retention problems. We had tremendous value back then, the problem was not enough people were finding it. I wanted to ensure this didn’t happen again so I decided to spend the entirety of this past year improving and building our infrastructure. Shortly after we cut the campain I went to work. The first program I created was the WASP program to help improve accountability as it seemed to be the biggest problem. People lack accountability and with better accountability, more goals will get smashed and people will stay with us longer.

After that, I said what else can we do to dramatically improve peoples lives and increase retention even more. This lead me to creating our Vanguard Affiliate Program. Where we now pay YOU up to 50% recurring commissions. So now, not only can you be in the tribe and enjoy the benefits, but you can also get paid to do it. Sounds crazy, but it’s real, and it’s right at your fingertips now. We’re not done though. I kept building.

The next thing I decided was that we need to properly educate our new members coming in better, and we need to train our Vanguard so that they can win faster and more effectively with our program. So I decided to create an onboarding Bootcamp training program. Traditionally, we did this with a daily email sequence, but it sucked because nobody reads their emails. Less than 40% were even opening them. Which meant that at least 60% of our members weren’t getting educated to all the value we provide here. This really hurt us when it came to retention. The value was there, they just didn’t seek it because well, because people are lazy ass sacks of shit most of the time.

So, I created this Bootcamp course that’s designed to solve this problem and it’s combined with a FB chatbot which has 80-90% engagement rates compared to the shit rates of emails. This Bootcamp changes the game for new member onboarding and retention. I’ve always been confident that if people see all the value we provide, they will stay with us for life and that has proven true for all of our rockstar warriors. The challenge is we do so much shit, that educating it all properly has always been the challenge, but not anymore.

As for the Vanguard, I am creating a completely free training course called Vanguard Growth Tactics for all of our affiliates and guest contributors. (You can access this course through the insider page in your affiliate dashboard) Oh, and that brings me to the next thing I created in this past year to fill these voids we’re talking about, the Guest Contributor Program. For years members have always asked us for a way to be more involved in our operation but we’ve just simply not had an option to give them besides “participate more”. While participation is still the most critical, this program adds a great way for more involvement on a more meaningful level.

The Guest Contributor program allows any of our tribe members the ability to apply and join our growing team of content creators and the best part? You get to promote your affiliate links in your content and leverage our audience for your own gain to get compensated. We’re also going to phase in an additional compensation plan on a per contribution basis to sweeten the pot that much more. We get new content to share with our readers/watchers, and you get to contribute in a bigger way all while earning $, learning, and growing your creator skills under our banner. Nobody else on this planet provides you this much opportunity to monetize your passions and break free of the societal suck. Trust me, if there was I’d have found it myself. We’re building something revolutionary here. Something truly innovative.

Along with all these programs I have developed in the past year, we also made some big software moves that power our business even better. We enhanced everything. A completely new affiliate platform and membership management solution. We put membership control completely into your hands. You now have a brand new tribe member dashboard that I completely rebuilt from the ground up. You now have a billing portal where you can get all your membership details quickly and easier. We also added another perk to membership with our exclusive Discord server. So if it wasn’t obvious by now, I’ve been hustling my ass off. We have created so many new things and completely revamped our infrastructure to support true scalable growth now, and I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this if I hadn’t taken that risk a year ago.

That risk, that failure, ultimately lead to all of these great creations. It took me a while to open up about all this because, in all honesty, it bruised my ego a fair bit. I couldn’t process this mistake I made and own it for a while, but I want you guys to know everything. The good, and the bad. I want you all to also know this information because if you ever embark on a similar journy, these are the kinds of challenges you are going to face too. I want you to be prepared for everything so it’s imperative that I stay transparent with the lessons I learn along the way.


So, with all of this being said. These are the reasons why I haven’t produced massive amounts of fresh content for the blog and youtube channel recently. I’ve been busy building our infrastructure and as you can imagine, there’s a lot of it to build… I wanted to put out this huge report for you guys because I’m about to go back “underground” so to speak on my next project, which is writing the official first book for The Primal Method.

I wanted to get to a point where I can safely put the blinders on and focus completely on writing. This means very few if any other projects going on during this time. No more bootcamps to build, no more training courses in development, no big ass queue of content to create, etc… These things are always there, but while I’m working on this book, I want to be laser-focused. We’re on the cusp of some great things and I just wanted to give you guys a quick recap of the massive amount of shit we have created over these past couple years.

Now that all of these things are built and operational we are soon about to grease the gears back up and turn the machine back on. I’m excited to see how we keep evolving. This tribe is a living breathing entity. It’s much more than a business or club you’re apart of. Together we have all accomplished so much and I haven’t even revealed but 50% of the grand plan to you guys yet. So, I hope you’re all as excited as I am. You all play an instrumental part in this mission.
It’s bigger than any one of us alone, and still bigger than most of us together, but we will persevere and seize some great rewards soon my friends. All of us. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. All of you day 1’s who have REALLY been with me from ground zero will be rewarded for that commitment when we arrive to our destination. Not just with a cool OG certificate… but a real reward. Loyalty means a lot to me and I take care of those who have it.
Before long people won’t be able to say the word preparedness without the words MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe in the same sentence. Mark my words.
My goal for The Primal Method book is to have it ready by Christmas and if I don’t meet that deadline I want to be close enough to at least launch a pre-order. I begin officially writing this coming week, and I’ll be writing every single day except Sundays until it’s done. Once it’s done and out there, everything else will resume. We will be putting out a few small pieces of content during this window, but the vast vast majority of my focus will be on the book. In the meantime, we will be focusing on our guest asset program to keep our creators pumping out content to fill the voids while I’m out of action. So it might look like things are business as usual. That’s my hope anyway…
I wanted to put out this big update before I started attacking this book project. This book and everything inside it will be the backbone of our operation. It’s super important for me to get it completed and into peoples hands and yes, Tribe members will get a digital copy of it completely free, as well as audio. I will also, of course, be making a hard copy for those who like physical books, and it will be added into our membership welcome kits at no additional charge too. I try my best to continue adding value to your memberships at no additional cost if I can avoid it and I’ll always continue to do this.
After I complete the book, we have a lot of great projects to follow. A huge influencer and alliance partner initiative to bring in a plethora of new members and alliance partners. We are also working on teaming up with Sheepdog Response and Tim Kennedy to start offering their digital training programs, and so much more. After the book, we will also be diving back into our own in house courses and content development. We have so much more to create.
So, that’s it for this one guys. Be sure to check out the operations radar below to see more on what we have accomplished recently, as well as what’s to come, and I’ll see you inside the tribe.


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  • Vanguard Growth Tactics COMPLETED – We launched a brand new free training course to help our Vangaurd and Guest Asset Team excell with our affiliate and contributor programs. Access link can be found in your dashboard.


We like to keep you in the loop on everything from new content and trainings to internal business developmnent projects. We used to just write it all out here in these situation reports, but we took it a step further and created an interactive radar board where you can see virtually every single project we are working on, vote on things you care most about, and make suggestions to us on things you’d like to see. Click the button below to check out our Operations Radar now!


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