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Q1 of this year was focused on getting our new Warrior Mission Program off the ground, and we did just that. These missions take time to put together. We have to plan them, test them, and create the guides, but we are steadily adding more as we grow. Our first 2 guides, Operation: Barbarian, and Operation: 30-30-30 came together quite nicely. I am excited to see how the program continues to evolve as we grow. We have a lot of really cool missions being developed that will challenge and train you across all 6 layers of The Primal Method. Our primary goal is to get out at least 1 new mission guide per month. As our resources and support increase, we can pick up the pace. It’s never been a better time to be a Tribe member.

Now that the mission program is live and passively building we are focusing on our Q2 goals to get Operation: Optimize curriculum updated. If you are up to speed you know all about our new Warrior OS (A total life management system). Well, it’s time for version 2.0 which requires some updates to module 2 of the course. For the next little while, this is where my focus will primarily be. I will also be updating several other modules within the course to give it a good refresh. If you’re a student enrolled in the course, keep your eyes peeled! You’re really going to love v2.0 of the Warrior OS.

Something else we are also continuing to work on in this quarter and beyond is growing the Alliance Program to get our Tribe members more solid discounts on gear. We are building a huge list of potential allies to reach out to in order to get them on our new free plan for the program. Once we commence outreach, we should see our alliance partner roster climb rapidly.


We have made some more adjustments to how this program works. Doing individual AAR’s and responses for everyone was proving to be an unsustainable approach. Now, we are taking advantage of Discord’s new “Stage” channel every month. The way it works is simple. Tribe members submit their AARs like they always have, only now, we all gather in the stage channel once per month and do live AAR reviews + Q&A with a handful of members. All members Charlie clearance or above can participate in this. It has been a more effective and valuable way to run the program. It’s been a beta test for the last couple of months, but we are going to be updating the program explainer video and details page very soon.


Keeping up with new content creation has been a real challenge but I am slowly working back into a solid creation routine. I know you guys love our videos and I enjoy making them. I find myself continually spread thin. I juggle a lot between MASK and Primal Optics. Too much honestly. I have spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to simplify life a bit. Trim fat so to speak. There’s only so much I can cut away though. I won’t get my creating time back until we reach the point of hiring help. At that time, I will begin delegating many of the things that currently eat up all my time. I have no idea when this transition will happen, but I am working hard to make it as soon as possible, obviously.

I am working on a lot of content. Moving forward our cornerstone content will be our Warrior Mission guides, but I also plan to continue sneaking in a gear review here and there, and other videos like combatives tips, bushcrafting, and more. Because frequency is such a challenge in this season of our business, I am simply focusing on producing the highest quality content that I can. Trust me, I could pump out tons of mediocre content fast like most creators, but that’s not our brand. You guys know I put a lot of work into our production value and the overall quality of the content. I never intend on changing that. So until I get the ability to hire some help, it is what it is. I will do my best to pump new content out fast without compromising quality.

That’s all for now my friends. Our Q3 and Q4 goals are still the same and still on track. If you missed those be sure to check the last SITREP. Thanks for staying up to speed with our operation by reading these SITREPS. I do my best to keep you informed on all our moves.

Btw, be sure you come join us inside our Discord server. It’s FREE to join.

– Primal


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