As 2017 comes to a close and we prepare to breach the door of 2018 it’s important to maintain our resolve. I’m not a huge fan of resolutions. People cling to them like anchors to signify when the right time to start doing something is. For me, right now is always the best time to start and I always advocate this for everyone else. It’s easier said than done though.

For whatever reason mentally we default to waiting till the perfect moment. The thing is the perfect moment doesn’t really exist. It’s a fallacy. This is why waiting for it simply means wasting your life. So, instead of setting resolutions this year and any year from now on, simply try to become resolute.

Being resolute means that you are admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering in all aspects of your life. Maintain your resolve at all times and you won’t have to set resolutions. Why wait till 2018 when you can go to war on your goals now? Why wait to quit smoking in another month when you can do it now? Why wait till next year to quit drinking when you can do it right now?

Let 2017 and it’s resolutions be the last time. From now moving forward simply be resolute at all times.

An update: on the consulting situation I told you guys about in one of our previous SITREPS. The consulting job is still in effect and taking a lot of time from me. Again, this is only going to last until we break our first member milestone in the tribe. Once we get to that point I will be able to stop consulting and focus 100%. However, the financial aspect of the consulting job I am doing just improved a fair bit. So it won’t take as long as it was originally going to take. Very soon we will be commencing a large ad campaign to help us gain tribe members and it won’t stop till we break our first milestone.

So, here’s what’s been going down at HQ.


  • Huge Website redesign – COMPLETED – The site has now had some fresh updates to the look and functionality. New blog layouts, account dashboard improvements, color changes, and a lot of other small details. We still plan to migrate our store to a different platform. Most likely shopify. We want this side of the site to be super fast and efficient. Having the store integrated like we currently do causes some slowdowns. So if we can separate the two, but still have seamless transitions that’s the goal. This change won’t happen till early 2018.
  • The Primal Life Vlog Channel COMPLETED – I recently made the decision to split the vlog away from the main channel. Most voted against me doing this in our polls but i’ll tell you why I wanted to. It’s because there’s a massive amount of content I want to create that doesn’t really totally fit in the vlog, or the main channel. Such as tech reviews, business tips, lifestyle coaching, and more. While some of it can loosely fit in the main channel, I thought it was best to give this kind of content a channel and home of its own. No fancy names, it’s all simply going under my personal brand. The new channel is “Ian Talbert“. On this channel is where you will now find the Primal Life Vlog (My vlog), as well as a wide variety of content that doesn’t fall under the MASK Tactical brand. Why am I doing all this and not just focusing on MASK you ask? Well, it’s simple really and this is something I would encourage you all to take note of. As a business owner you are effectively building two brands. Your businesses brand, and your personal brand. Your personal brand get’s built by default. Believe it or not, you’re actually building a personal brand at this very moment too. You just might not treat it as such. Your personal brand is what people identify you as. It’s your identity. So I plan to consciously build my personal brand as well. I am an entrepreneur at heart. Which means MASK Tactical will not always be the only thing I create.


  • Official Operation Optimize Launch – We’re currently in module 4/8 in curriculum development. This coming weekend I am aiming to have another lesson up. The goal was to be ready to launch by Jan 1st but I underestimated the time constrictions of the holidays as well as some other personal things with my work schedule of which i’ve touched on in past SITREPS. We are making good progress though. The course is currently on schedule to be completed early in the first quarter of 2018. It’s very hard to maintain a deadline on something this massive. A lot has the potential to change constantly so it’s always evolving. I am doing my absolute best to stay on track as much as possible to finish the course as soon as possible without sacrificing quality or content to get there. If you’re wanting to enroll the beta doors are still open to tribe members only for a HUGE discount. Just reach out to me to get the link.
  • The Primal Method – At its core is a logical and strategic approach to preparedness for the modern day warrior. A warrior today is much different from the warrior of the past. The priorities in modern day survival are much different than they were in primitive times. We no longer live in primitive times therefore the order of training operations needs to be looked at a little differently. The Primal Method is a system, a process, a lifestyle, etc. It’s a method of living with the core objective of being optimally prepared for the real world. The Primal Method will be a book, a training experience, and much more. The book will be the first thing.
  • Tribe Nutrition – After Operation Optimize we will be focusing on fitness resources big time. The first 3 nutritional tools we will be developing for you guys are meal trackers, grocery lists, and meal plans that will be tailored to your specific goal. We will be consulting with industry leading subject matter experts to deliver you some super solid resources.
  • WFA’s (Warrior Fitness Assessments) – The Alpha and Savage level tests are under construction. It will take a little time and testing as these tests will be completely different from our two base level tests. They will be different, and much more difficult. We’re aiming to bring these to life within the first half of 2018 as training & product development is currently taking priority. For now you can take the two tests we currently provide here.
  • Launching Black Sector – Black Sector is an “upper echelon” division of the Tribe. Invitation only with a thorough vetting process and higher standards. It will have some one time costs associated with it if you are invited into it, choose to accept, and pass the vetting process. A good way to look at Black Sector is that it will be to us what SF is to the military. It will consist of only our most elite Warriors. We are aiming to launch Black Sector sometime later in 2018.

That’s it for now guys. There’s always obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes of which I try to touch on in vlogs, posts inside the tribe, or other videos and such. So try to stay up to speed!

As always, what’s your SITREP?

Our objective here is to provide higher caliber resources and information that enhance your preparedness in all aspects. If you’re enjoying the content you get from MASK and want to help support our mission please consider becoming a member of our elite community that we call the Warrior Tribe.

Comprised of those most serious about preparedness, our Tribe will help you take your survivability to the next level through active training, accountability, and advanced resources. Our organization is rapidly growing and we would love to see you become a bigger part of it.


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