This series is designed to provide you with high quality functional workouts that you can sample to build your very own HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout routine. I prefer functional workouts over most everything.

My goal is to build the kind of body that can perform all tasks well. I don’t want to be able to lift 500 lbs, but not be able to complete a 1 mile run. Vice versa I don’t want to be able to run 20 miles and only be able to lift 100 lbs. The body type I aim for is one of high functionality. One that is as powerful as it is agile. One that has great endurance as well as flexibility.

Functional workouts combine both strength training, and natural body movements to help develop the muscles for use in the tasks we can often find ourselves doing. Such as the similarities between sledge hammer drills, and splitting firewood for winter.

This Sledgehammer workout is killer! It combines core strength, power, and grip strength to effectively work a variety of crucial muscle groups. Being efficient at this workout can translate functionally into a lot of other life tasks. Such as MMA, splitting firewood, general coordination, and much more. This sledgehammer workout is highly popular in MMA culture, and the fitness life in general. You’ve probably seen it in a few motivational fitness videos from time to time. However, a lot of people mechanically do it wrong.

Sledgehammer workout

Tires are a great workout tool on their own. Combine a sledgehammer into the mix and you’re destined to destroy some muscles and make some gains both in strength, and in weight loss.

Try out this sledgehammer workout and let us know what you think? Also, try combining it with this extreme 3 tire routine and make an HIIT circuit out of it!

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