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Today we check out the new and improved 3V Gear Smuggler Adventure Duffle Bag. You guys might remember the old version of the smuggler adventure duffle bag that I reviewed a while back. Well, they took some of the feedback and made some nice improvements!

The new pack features enhanced zippers, an external pocket, quick release carry straps, a slight change in color and better material. Overall it’s now more functional and robust. I still use it as my gym bag as I carry a lot of extra stuff for MMA training such as shin guards, gloves, BJJ Gi, etc. The smuggler adventure duffle bag is perfect for it.

I plan to pick up a bunch more to use for general gear storage. They’re great to organize gear in and you can throw them right in the back of your vehicle. Duffles are great for grab and go bags. They’re not all chopped up with pockets so that means you get a ton of room to pack in a lot of gear. Picking one up and loading it with clothing, another for food & water, and another with first aid, etc.

For those instances when you need to haul a bunch of gear. These are the perfect alternative to storage crates.smuggler adventure duffle bag

Here are the new specs

Gear, gear, and more gear; the Smuggler is the go-to bag for your gear intensive travels and adventures. Built to maximize capacity while keeping weight down, the Smuggler adventure duffel bag was designed to be rugged and easy to use. Whether you’re throwing together an overnight bag for a business trip to Fresno or heading out on a 3-month expedition to the Antarctic, the Smuggler Adventure Duffel Bag can handle it and look good doing it.

Designed for harsh environments, the water-resistant PVC Tarpaulin shell keeps water and dirt out while still being easy to wash down. A reinforced 600-denier polyester base ensures this duffel bag can take a beating.

The Smuggler Adventure Duffel Bag offers many different carrying options: side straps with a handle with snap closure, haul loop handles on both ends, and padded shoulder straps so you can wear the duffel as a backpack and keep your hands free.


• Built to exacting standards from heavy-duty water-resistant PVC tarpaulin
• Reinforced double layered 600-denier polyester floor panel
• Large zippered D-shaped opening for easy access to gear
• 45L dimensions: 21 x 13 x 13 inches (2,787 cubic inches)
• 60L dimensions: 24 x 14 x 14 inches (3,695 cubic inches)
• 85L dimensions: 27 x 16 x 16 inches (5,429 cubic inches)
• Burly industrial zippers
• Interior mesh pocket
• External stash pocket
• Padded haul loop handles on both ends for easy carry
• Removable padded shoulder straps with quick release buckles for easy removal and storage
• Daisy chain loops for easy attachments
• 45L bag is TSA compliant as a carry-on bag
• Weight: 45L, 2.5 lbs.; 60L, 3.1 lbs.; 85L, 3.75 lbs.
• Color: Dark Grey
• 3V Gear Limited-Lifetime Warranty
• Available in 3 sizes: 45L, 60L, 85L

Remember, you guys get 15% off at 3V Gear when you use our fan code “MASK”.


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