M.A.S.K. Tactical Code of Ethics & Standards Of Practice (SOP)

The following Code of Ethics, Standards Of Practice, and regulations apply to each member of M.A.S.K. Tactical and The Warrior Tribe.



– I will take responsibility for my personal circumstances, and the choices I make.


– I will do my best at all times to understand the perspectives of my warrior brothers and sisters.


– I will trust my judgment, and believe in my ability to act, achieve, inspire and lead.


– I will cultivate my capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding and problem-solving.


– I will remain faithful and committed to my family, friends, fellow warriors, mentors and allies.


– I will fully develop and integrate my mind, craft and body, and lead a virtuous life.


– I will pursue all of my endeavours with passion, purpose, and a playful spirit.


– I will seek to understand and appreciate nature, and humanity’s place within it.


– I will overcome my fears, and manage adversity with fortitude and firm resolve.


– I will balance my needs, rights, freedoms and interests with those of others.


Training Standards

All members must conduct their training in a professional manner following all the guidelines set in this SOP, and their the state/federal laws for the area that they are training in. When using land be sure to have consent of the landowner. If you are to ever be caught and or charged for violations relating to training activities in relation to M.A.S.K. Tactical you understand that M.A.S.K. Tactical is not responsible & will not be held accountable for your actions. Do the right thing, always.

If you are ever injured during a training exercise, rally event, or any other event in relation to M.A.S.K. Tactical or The Warrior Tribe, you understand that it is your sole responsibility and M.A.S.K. Tactical is not liable for your actions or well-being. We will always advocate a safe training experience. Safety always comes first.

Whether you are training independently, with a group of members, or are participating in official M.A.S.K. Tactical training programs you are to always represent M.A.S.K. Tactical in a positive and professional way. Any negative attention, irresponsible actions, or complaints filed against you could result in termination of your membership.

General Standards

All members must be respectful to one another. While we may not all agree on everything we can still respect each others opinions and beliefs. With that being said, it’s still quite alright to correct people when wrong, and have an occasional argument so long as it stays as professional as it can. Simply put, just be kind. This applies in person, and online.

We are not anti-government, anti-military, or anti-law enforcement. We do not condone extremists. If you have an issue with that then our organization is not for you. The last thing we want is someone doing something bad while representing M.A.S.K. Tactical or it’s partners. So we have a zero-tolerance policy for extremists. Just be normal, and act professional and you will have no problems.

Liability Release

M.A.S.K. Tactical and it’s affiliates are not liable for your actions or well-being. All of our official training programs are train at your own risk. This also applies to all unofficial independent or Warrior Tribe training. While we always advocate safe training accidents can happen. Train smart, train safe.

Privacy Policy

Unless implicitly defined, all data and/or information provided to us remains confidential and secure.  We do not use information provided to us (purposely or not) for marketing or sales purposes without consent of the user, except when that information is non-identifying (e.g. non-personal) or demographically generic.