In the Primal Life Vlog Series I’ve been making an effort to build a gun range with the help of our fans and Tribe members. I knew I wanted to outfit the range in Steel Targets but I just didn’t know where to look. There’s a lot of options out there for Steel Targets. From manufacturers to different types of steel targets. Recently I stumbled onto Spartan Armor Systems, and that’s when I found the Triple Tap.

The Triple Tap is one of the many modular reactive steel targets in Spartan Armors arsenal. I opted for it because it had the most features. It includes a headshot, hostage shot, center mass, and gut shot all in one system.

It’s modular construction allows you to break it down and take it with you anywhere. It’s super portable when it comes to steel targets, and the cool thing about their systems is that they use a multi-purpose base that works with just about any target system they have. This is great for those on a  budget. It means you can buy only 1 base and spend your money on the actual steel targets themselves. Just swap them out as you desire.


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Here’s some notes from Spartan Armor Systems.

Triple Tap is a new 3-stage reactive target system constructed from ballistic grade AR500. When it’s manufactured by The Target Man™, you know you’re getting a quality tactical training aid!

This three way target system is perfect for someone to enhance their tactical shooting skills. Here you have a head shot, hostage target, and center mass shot, and now a gut shot – all in one! Perfect for the LEO, gun enthusiasts, and even the recreational weekend “plinker”. We’ve engineered this to ensure your training focuses on all of the “take down” areas of the bad guy!

This kit is available in a few different configurations for all budget levels.


  • Target height: 19.5″
  • Target width: 12″
  • Center hole of target diameter: 4.5
  • Center hole reactive paddle diameter: 6″
  • Gut Shot target hole: 9″ wide
  • Hostage reactive paddle width: 5″
  • Target comes unpainted.

This is basically a 2/3 scale IPSC

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