Recently I set course on a quest to create the most functional, and efficient survival pack that I could create. The goal was to build a very versatile system by sourcing the best gear I could find, regardless of the cost. I wanted this pack to be somewhat modular, and easy to equip for many different mission needs. I also wanted it all to be as compact as possible, while still fitting the necessary items for longer-term sustainment.

I’ve used huge packs like the Eberlestock G4 Operator, or military style rucks, and they are great packs, don’t get me wrong. But I felt for so long that I could build something much more efficient in a smaller package. So I hung up my G4 for the time being and chose a new pack that I felt fit my needs.

I’ve used many packs over the years and I hadn’t truly fell in love with a pack until I met the Triple Aught Design FAST Pack EDC. Nothing else that I have seen or used really compares to the functionality and appeal of the FAST Pack. There are some knock offs that look similar but lack the innovative features that truly make this pack unique.

Survival Pack

Equally as unique as the survival pack is the company. Triple Aught Design spares nothing to ensure their products are paramount. Attention to every detail, and drive to revolutionize the gear industry. A lot of their products can appear expensive to the majority, but TAD caters to a specific clientele. The type of people who take their survival seriously regardless of the price, or the mission. When we think about gear that supports our lives, you need to be 100% confident in the gear that supports yours. The gear you choose may one day be put in a situation where it has to save your life. I don’t know about you, but I want to put my money and faith in gear that’s not going to fail.

This is a long-term build, so the pack is not actually complete. Hence the title “Progress Report”. It’s going to take a lot of field training, gear testing, and time to build the ultimate pack. The build so far has been focused more on survival based essentials rather than combative essentials. In the next report I will be getting into more combat related aspects and gear. So again, this is nowhere near complete, but I wanted to do these reports so you guys could follow along the build process and hopefully learn a thing or two, if not get some great deals on good products.


To make this survival pack highly functional I decided to build it around several revolving kits utilizing these amazing EDC organizers from Triple 7 Gear, called the MK7. These kits, while currently incomplete, will be incredibly supportive when they are finished. I currently use a Survival Kit, Tool Kit, and Trauma/First Aid Kit. All custom built of course.

Survival Pack

Over time I plan on building more kits for combat specific needs, Escape and Evasion, and much more. My methodology behind this structure is to make the pack incredibly modular so that I can quickly employ it for any mission I need. Be it a weekend of field training, SHTF, a day hike, or a trip to the zoo. I can quickly load out my survival pack with the necessary kits for my mission that day.


Survival Pack

Current Contents:

The Survival Kit is an essential. While mine is currently incredibly incomplete, it is a kit that will pretty much stay in use regardless of the mission at hand.


Survival Pack

Current Contents:

The tool kit is probably the most supportive kit of the bunch. It tends to stay in use more frequently.



Current Contents:

First aid is crucial. It’s often overlooked because it’s not “cool”. Or people just simply don’t apply a desire to learn about it. This kit is currently very basic, but I plan to obtain more trauma based items as it evolves such as a tourniquetsuture kit, and more.


Survival Pack

Current Contents:

The hygiene kit pretty much only goes with me when I go out into the field for more than a day, or when I’m going on a trip somewhere away from home.



The cooking/canteen kit that I use is the Pathfinder Cook Set. If you’re familiar with Dave Canterbury you are probably well aware of Self Reliance Outfitters. They have several variations of this cook set. I went with the circular style. It comes with the base, pot with lid and handle, and canteen. It also comes with a few extra accessories and fire starting items. You can add an optional alcohol stove with it as well. (Something I plan on trying out). It is unfortunately made in China, but I tell you with complete honesty that it’s a high quality cook set.


Survival Pack

Current Contents:

When it comes to sustainability primitive skills are paramount. Knowing fire skills is essential but having the right gear to make fire simple is ideal. Fire can make or break you in a survival situation. Lighters are the most compact and efficient ignition source but having the right tinder supplies makes a world of difference. You’d be wise to pick some up. You can pick them up at 4 Directions Bushcraft, or source it from the field if you know how to find it.



Current Components:

During colder months I plan to swap the jungle bag for a better insulated bag. The jungle bag is sufficient for the majority of the year, especially when combined with a proper reflective fire and micro climate shelter setup. You can go minimalistic and get away with it when you know how to properly set up a shelter site. I’ll talk more about that in future videos.



Cutting Tools:

There’s also some other cutting tools in some of the kits, but these are my primary blades.

General Items:

As I’ve mentioned a hundred times already. This Survival Pack is not complete yet. Nowhere close in fact, but I wanted to document the build to hopefully help some of you in building your own Survival Pack by providing you my insights and experiences. I’m excited to see how it evolves over the next year, and I will be doing a progress report at least once a year. Possibly more, it just depends on the progression I make. If I didn’t talk about anything you would like to know more about, feel free to ask! I am no expert, I just train, learn, and educate others from my actual experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

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