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Survival Water Kit

Survival is more than rubbing sticks together and making fire. Several elements go into survival skill-building. Creating and updating a survival water kit would be an essential skill to build to teach someone else down the road. Being able to collect and clean your own water from virtually any source is critical to not only survival but surviving well. Today we will look at four items I currently carry in my EDC bag that are essential to creating an excellent survival water kit.

Survival Water Kit
Survival Water Kit

Survival Water Kit: Silcock Key

The Silcock key is an essential tool for water collection in an urban environment. It is used to connect to a city water supply, usually located on some city buildings’ outward-facing side. It has four different sizes of connections that will slide onto the faucet. Then with a few turns – there should be flowing water that is potable and ready for consumption.

Survival Water Kit

Sawyer Mini Filtration System

The Sawyer Mini Filtration System is a neat way to always carry a water cleaning solution with you whether you’re on a camping trip or part of your EDC bag. This primary part of the filter system allows you to filter up to 100,000 gallons of water! There are added conveniences to buying the system, including a squeeze bag. The filter acts as a screw-on lid – a rubber hose to backflush the filter to clean it out after usage, and a large syringe to force water in the flushing process. This filter promises to clean out significant contaminants at the molecular level, such as protozoa and cryptosporidium. This product is compact and can be found at local stores such as Walmart or Bass Pro Shop, and online right here.

survival water kit

Survival Water Kit: Aquamira/Iodine Tablets

Anyone who has been developing their survival skills and more particularly caring about water collection and filtration can relate to our next item. Iodine tablets have been a proven source of water cleaning for a long time. We will let you decide the pros and cons of iodine tabs. One thing to consider is the amount of time it takes to use these. Instructions say to allow about 30 minutes for iodine tabs to clean water before consumption. Next, once the water has been treated – one will notice a bitter taste in the water that you may or may not be used to. Suppose you are in a hurry or in an emergent need to consume water in an actual survival situation. In that case, you might want to consider another option to give you a quick solution to clean consumable water.

Survival Water Kit

Single Wall Stainless Steel Container

As per the infamous 5 Cs of survival by Dave Cantebury, a stainless steel container is another essential water collection tool. This tool alone is what can mean the difference in survival or dehydration. This container can be filled with suspicious water, then filtered through the sawyer filter, treated with iodine tablets, and then be ready for consumption. Another option would be to filter the water, checking for large particulates with a bandana, and then simply bring the water to boil and let it cool before drinking. Not just any stainless steel container will do; it will need to be single-walled (meaning there isn’t a gap between inner and outer surfaces). Also, make sure it doesn’t have any decals or vinyl stickers that could give off poisonous fumes when placed into a direct heat source. Once confirmed, the stainless steel container can hold other items such as your filter, iodine tabs, and other things until it is time to use them. This can be an all-in-one solution using the container with its intended purpose – to ‘contain’ items.

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