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As we go throughout our day to day lives we are normally (most of us) living from a planned prospective. Meaning most of us generally try to plan out our days, weeks, years, etc. When we plan we normally plan as if everything is going to go smooth and just how we want it to, but we don’t normally plan for the curve balls. That’s why they’re called curve balls. We can however try to be as prepared as possible. When you are caught smack in the middle of any bad situation you need a way to get out of it. What you need is a plan. In this post you will learn 3 crucial to-do’s when it comes to developing a solid plan for survival.


  1. Take A Knee (Analyze everything about your situation)
  2. Action Plan (Figure out your course of action, bug out/in, get home, etc)
  3. Communication (Make your position known to your rescuers, family, and anyone else you want to warn or notify of your position, or warn people of a coming danger, or notify your family that your bugging out.)


This is the most crucial part of being able to wrap your head around what exactly is going on. At any given time a catastrophic event can happen. We never truly know when, what, or where it’s going to take place. This is why we prepare and train. What I mean by take a knee simply means stop immediately, and assess your situation. This process is so crucial because you need to know exactly what’s going on.

The things you need to assess as soon as you “take your knee” are:

  • Yourself Take a look at your person, analyze your body. Are you hurt at all? If so address the issues.
  • Surroundings After assessing yourself, take a look at your surrounding environment. What do you see? Where could you hide? What resources are around that you could benefit from? Knowing exactly where you are and what’s around you will make a world of difference. Also do not ever skip this step because I promise you, even if you know where you are and all the area around you, it WILL look different from the eyes of survival. Everything is different when you are in survival mode. In normal life you’re not looking at buildings as if they would be good bug out locations, or fire escapes that you could use to avoid taking the main entrance. So stop and analyze your surroundings.
  • Gear After making sure you are okay, and that you are in a safe position you need to check your gear. If you have never herd the word survival before you may be unprepared, but to the majority of us, we usually at least have some things we could use, and the survivalists out there should have an EDC, get home bag, or Bug Out Bag with them at all times. So take a look at your gear. If you are prepared with a pack just for this type of thing you should already know what you have. So double check everything, make sure its all secure, nothings missing, and that it is in mission ready condition. The worst thing is when you need a fire and reach into your pack only to find out that your lighter or fire starter fell out during the initial catastrophe. If you’re unprepared you still have options, don’t worry you (might) not be dead yet. Is your car around? Do you carry a pocket knife, cell phone, etc? Is there anything you found from analyzing your surroundings that you could potentially use? Like a piece of metal, rope / cordage, or water bottle?


Step two is to take the intel that you have gathered so far and develop a game plan for what you need to do. For example purposes let’s say you are caught out in the middle of town and an earthquake hits or a major storm sweeps in while you’re at work and it takes out your car and is just going haywire, or you get caught in the middle of a civil disturbance.

Your action plan is going to be one of three things. You are going to bug in, bug out, or get home depending on the situation & threat level. A well prepared person would be wise to have some maps and survival plans already on their person for this exact event.

So develop a solid plan and how you are going to achieve it. You have the gear, and knowledge of your surroundings at this point (Hopefully). So put it into a game plan.


Being able to get in touch with your loved ones or someone to rescue you if you are in a survival situation is a crucial part to survival. If you can reach someone and notify them of your location you will have a better chance of being found if people know they first need to find you. Communication also plays a big factor in warning loved ones and people you want to notify of coming dangers.

At the first site of something that could be a catastrophic event you should immediately after taking a knee call the people you need to call. Also, if you are intentionally going out in the woods to adventure or hunt, make sure someone knows where you’re going.

If the ability to make a call is out, consider carrying two way radio’s or invest in the knowledge of other radio sources, such as HAM radios or a good set of walkie talkies like these.

You can also make your position known by smoke signal from a fire if you are stranded and are in need of rescue. Some other good tools for signaling are road flares, flare guns, signal mirrors, Neon colors such as orange if you have it, and survival whistles. Aka, the “Rape Whistle“.

Be prepared. You are the only person you can count on to ensure your ability to survive. So learn the tricks of the trade to be equipped for the threats you may face, because you never know when it’s coming. If you like this post please share it to a friend! It might just save their life!

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