At 34 years of age, I never knew what life had in store for me. I am a father, friend, and a fierce competitor. I have always been an outdoors person growing up going fishing and camping. Life has a way of throwing hooks and jabs to see what one is made of. I am no different. I have had circumstances to cause me to develop the “mindset” and lifestyle that I have today. Survival is more than gathering up gear, food and water; it is a LIFESTYLE that is to be lived day in and day out.

I am an IT professional with 13 years of experience ranging from the educational setting to my current healthcare IT workplace. I am also a Virginia state certified firefighter with hazardous materials ops endorsements. This training allows me to have the ability to respond to emergencies with working knowledge to provide rescue and treatment to those in need. I’ve prepared for scenarios ranging from fetching cats from trees to overturned tankers leaking thousands of gallons of fuel into potable water in a community.

Whether it is in the metro areas or on the farm – having a PREPARED mindset will take you through to the next day. Having a plan to execute will put you ahead of the game, not IF but WHEN the time comes. I have learned this from research, skills training, and experience – where experience is sometimes the best teacher.